Halkalı - Kapıkule new railway construction works

Halkalı - Kapikule new railway construction works: With the construction of this project, the route started from Kapikul in the West, to the east, from Istanbul - Ankara - Sivas - Erzincan - Erzurum - Kars. It will be reached.

Halkalı- Surveying and Surveying Services of the Engineering Services of the Border Railways of Bulgaria was completed in 2009.

Between Istanbul-Tekirdağ-Kırklareli and Edirne 230 km. The length of the new railway construction works are being carried out by IPA Funds.

AVAN project works of Sincan-Çayırhan-İstanbul Railway, Surveying and Project Services were started on 01.07.2011 and completed at the end of 2013.

1977 el 1980 km-long Arifiye-Xinjiang section im 260 project designed by German Obermeir between 12,5 – XNUMX is designed to carry freight and passenger transportation based on the inclination. Considering that the freight transport between Ankara and Istanbul will be carried by the existing line, only a new route between the Çayırhan and İstanbul is required for the transportation of passengers.

Considering the developments in the world, the determination of the geometric standards of the line between Ankara and Istanbul and the determination of the route accordingly, the preparation of the Preliminary Design, EIA and Feasibility Studies will be a very useful study.

Project Start Date: 2007
Planned Finish Date of the Project: 2016
Project Cost: 1.946.607.000 TL

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