Stray attachments are destroyed in Karşıyaka Station

Stray attachments in Karşıyaka Station are collapsing: Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar, who wanted to protect the urban fabric of Karşıyaka and bring out the 'historical beauties', realized the first touch in Karşıyaka Station. Demolition work has begun for illegal additions to the historical station. President Akpınar and TCDD Deputy Regional Director Muhsin Keçe cut the iron railings together. The work was accompanied by business owners.

President Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar, who started the demolition studies of the illegal add-ons around the station, said: in Station buildings are very important for Karşıyaka. In the election process, we promised the Karşıyakalılar to protect the city's aesthetics. Leak add-ons will be removed by our municipal teams and the historical building will be unearthed. The good thing is that the owners of the enterprises that are going to be demolished are accompanied by the works together with us. İş


TCDD İzmir Deputy Regional Director Muhsin Keçe stated that the restoration and relay works were started in the buildings which are in idle condition after İZBAN started to operate. De Additions around historical buildings are being demolished by Karşıyaka Municipality. We will continue our works according to the permissions of the Monuments Board. We would like to thank to Karşıyaka Municipality for their contribution. Kat


In the vicinity of the historical buildings in the station, the Municipality of Karşıyaka decided to demolish for the additions made in the past. The legal processes and the annexes to which the objection stages were completed were removed by the teams of Karşıyaka Municipality under the control of TCDD officials. Following the demolition of the illegal structures in accordance with the decision of the Monuments Board, the restoration of the station building will begin.

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