Kardemir rail tender kazanoutside

Kardemir rail tender kazanOther: Kardemir, TCDD General Directorate rail tender kazanwas. Here is the statement made by Kardemir. kazanwas. The ratio of the tender price to the gross sales revenue in Kardemir's latest income statement announced to the public was 5,534 percent.

In his statement to Kardemir KAP, "The tender for rail purchase, which was held by the TCDD General Directorate through an open tender procedure, remained under the responsibility of our Company."

After the tender, Kardemir (D) shares increased by 2,89 percent and reached 1,42 TL.

IS Investment evaluated the results of the tender and included the following opinions in the analysis:

Kardemir 33mn Euro rail tender kazandi – slightly positive

Kardemir TCDD's 33 mn Euro rail purchase tender kazanannounced that he did. The tender amount corresponds to approximately 2013% of the company's 5.5 sales. It should be noted that the rail segment is a more profitable segment compared to other product categories such as billet or rebar. Slightly positive.

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