In Eskişehir, Tramway is Punished

Eskişehir Tramway on the road of motorcyclists was punished: Eskişehir, especially the tram in the road of motorcyclists and electric bike drivers traffic cops rained.

In recent years, the road to prevent the accidents on the tram, and especially to prevent the traffic of citizens using motorcycles and electric bicycles, as well as to end their disturbance to the environment in order to end the traffic on the two September Street traffic police, drivers who use the tram road 80'er pounded penalty. While the motorcycles and electric bikes of the punished drivers were not confiscated, the authorities stated that these inspections would continue until the traffic flow returned to normal. Citizens in the surrounding of the traffic teams expressed their satisfaction with this application, especially motorcycle drivers said they use vehicles to hit the citizens, the traffic will relax with this application, he added.

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