Terrible Suicide on the Railway in Aydın (Video)

Railway in Aydin terrible suicide: hit Turkey in Haskovo the state one of the first railway route Nazilli-Soke time the train at a level crossing which is Muharram Gülsevin citizens. Muharrem Gülsevin (69), who died on the spot due to the impact of the collision, then mechanic Serkan Ö. He was arrested.

According to the information received, the mechanic Serkan Ö, who made the Nazilli-Söke expedition, crashed the retired taxi driver Muharrem Gülsevin (32398) at the level crossing in Girne district Public Works Boulevard. Gülsevin died at the scene.

It was learned from the name of the investigation made by the police teams that Muharrem Gülsevin had been searched for two days, and that his wife had been declared missing at the Efeler Police Station. It was later understood that Muharrem Gülsevin committed suicide. Gülsevin, sitting on the tracks and waiting for the train to come, ended his life in this way. In the note he left to his wife, “I made the mistake of my life. Forgive me. No one is responsible for my suicide. ”

A suicide incident from Aydın made goose bumps. At an age of 69, he committed suicide by throwing himself in front of the train. In his note to his wife, “I made the mistake of my life. Forgive me. Nobody is responsible for my suicide. ”

Muharrem Gülsevin, 69, committed suicide by sitting in front of the passenger train in Aydın.
Muharrem Gülsevin (69) left the house saying that he would deposit a water bill at noon. After Gülsevin left her house, Semiha Gülsevin (65), the mother of her two children, said in her bedroom, 'I made the mistake of my life. Forgive me. Nobody is responsible for my suicide '. Gülsevin, who went to Efeler Police Station immediately, gave a note and a photo of her husband and asked her to be found as soon as possible. When the police searched for Muharrem Gülsevin, who had a tumor in his brain and learned that his two legs were prosthetic, news of death came around 18.30. It was determined that Muharrem Gülsevin was the person who died under the regional train number 32398 under the direction of the mechanic Serkan Özdemir, who made the Nazilli-Söke Expedition in Girne District.


Eyewitnesses said that Gülsevin had committed suicide by sitting on the tracks while the train was passing. Gülsevin, who took it under the train and dragged about 70 meters, was torn to Aydın State Hospital Morgue after the police and prosecutor's investigation at the scene. Semiha Gülsevin, who got worse by taking the news of death at Efeler Police Station, was taken to Aydın State Hospital by ambulance. Police reported that the investigation into Gülseven's suicide continued.




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