Support from 3M to Road Safety and Traffic Week

3m from the Road Safety and Traffic Week 's support: Highway Safety and ahead of the Traffic Week, with the support of 3m, EMBARQ Turkey Sustainable Transport Association hosted' in Commuting Road Safety 'was organized a conference entitled. The event, held April 28th at SALT Galata, the goal of reducing traffic accidents in Turkey and strategies were shared with the work undertaken by international organizations.
3M develops thousands of products that make life easier and innovative with its innovative solutions. 1939 has built a comprehensive portfolio of traffic safety and management products and services in the 75 year since its fully reflective traffic sign was introduced in Minnesota in the first 3 year. 3 Turkey Safety, Security and Protection Products Country Director for Spring Öztan Pakkan, work on the 3 the topic "Safety and the materials that provide visibility, reflective coating and pavement markings, intelligent transportation systems, automatic bridge and road crossing to the technology, a lot of traffic to plate recognition in parking l In addition to developing products and services, we are conducting various projects to raise awareness and raise awareness about traffic worldwide. ürün
Turkey in the pre contributes to social awareness in order regularly every year in May the Month, which is celebrated with various activities in the first week of Highway Safety and Traffic Week to increase road safety, with the support of 3m, April 28th at SALT Galata EMBARQ Turkey Sustainable Transportation A conference titled 'Road Safety in Urban Transport' was hosted by the Association. The conference, Turkey's direction of reducing traffic accidents, targets and strategies with information about the work carried out by international organizations is transferred, the discussion of problems and concrete solutions consisted of two sessions.
road safety was tabled in Turkey
The first session was moderated by Ahmet Utlu, founder of First of all, Yılmaz Baştuğ, Head of the Traffic Planning and Support Department of the General Directorate of Security, talked about the 2020 strategies and objectives of the Traffic Safety Platform. Then, European Union Specialist Salih Erdemci from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications made a presentation on 'Road Safety in the Transportation Operational Program' and shared information about the new changing standards in road safety practices. The World Health Organization Road Safety Projects Coordinator Sarah Sener, the World Health Organization's' Road Safety Approach and the Global Road Safety Program 'ongoing first session with a speech about that, EMBARQ Turkey Sustainable Transport Association Director Arzu Tabby's' EMBARQ's Road Safety It ended with his speech 'Road Safety in Approach and Transportation Planning'.
The event, EMBARQ Turkey Sustainable Transport Association Board Member Sibel bulay be moderated in the second session of the Turkey project examples were shared. First of all, the President of the Police Academy Traffic and Transport Safety Research Center Assoc. Dr. Tuncay Durna talked about 'State Wearing Belt Project'. Then, Red Crescent Project Coordinator Mine Akdoğan shared information about Kızılay's 'Road Safety Project'. After IETT Metrobus Management Manager Zeynep Pınar Mutlu shared the 'Road Safety Study in Metrobus' by comparing before and after, Suat Ayöz, the Traffic Victims Association President Yeşim Ayöz, explained a few examples of the projects carried out by the association. It ended.

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