3 dead dead in the 3rd bridge construction (Photo Gallery - Video)

  1. 3 dead in the construction of the bridge: According to the information received, the scaffold collapsed at the viaduct 35, which connects the ring road on the Beykoz side to the third bridge.
  2. bridge In the context of the construction works of the Beykoz Çavuşbaşı site, the excavation occurred during the construction of the viaduct concrete.
    The identity of 35 of the 3 workers who died during the concrete casting of the header beam of the viaduct of 2 on the Reşadiye-Çamlık connection road of the third bridge, which is still under construction, was determined.
    It was determined that 2 of the workers who died in the accident were Yaşar Bulut (50) and his brother Lütfi Bulut (48). It was learned that Yaşar and Lütfi Bulut's other brothers, Sonay Bulut, were wounded in Paşabahçe State Hospital.
    The bodies of the dead workers were removed from the morgue of the same hospital. It was seen that colleagues who had great sorrow were not able to keep their tears.
    The debris removal works at the scene where the projectors are illuminated continue. Investigation into the cause of the accident continues.
    3 out of 2 workers who died in the immigration were learned to be brothers
    The names of an injured and two of the three workers who died at the dent in the 3rd Bridge construction site Beykoz viaduct were identified. It was learned that two of the three killed workers and one injured were brothers.
    The incident occurred in the evening at 21.00 in the viaduct under construction as part of the 3rd bridge Beykoz Çavuşbaşı locality connection road works. 3 workers died and one person was injured as a result of the migration in the viaduct of the bridge. It was determined that Lütfü Bulut (48), Yaşar Bulut (50) and Sonay Bulut (42), who were injured, were brothers. The name of a worker who has died has not been learned yet.
    50 METERS
    Workers fell from 50 meters to earth ground during the migration. It was learned that a worker was injured as a result of his legs squeezed between the concrete blocks. Sonay Bulut, who was injured in the incident, was taken to Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital and was treated. The dead Lütfü Bulut and Yaşar Bulut, a worker whose name has not yet been learned, were removed to the morgue of the hospital after the prosecution investigation.
    11 WORKERS
    Firefighters first responded to the workers stuck on the concrete block. When the ladder of the fire truck was insufficient, the 11 stranded workers were rescued with the help of a crane in the region. It is stated that Lütfü Bulut is married and has 3 children and Yaşar Bulut is married.
    İsmail Bulut, who said that the deceased Yaşar Bulut and Lütfü Bulut were the son of his uncle, said, “When we pour concrete on the pier, they collapse with the pier below, 3 people are dying, but I don't know how many people are on the pier, 2 are brothers and the other is in the wounded hospital right now. , while pouring concrete, they go down with the concrete and the pier. While pouring, they fell down with concrete. They had been working in this business for 5-6 months. Coincidentally, we heard the subtitle on television.
    In the written statement made by ICA, which runs the Bosphorus Bridge and the Northern Marmara Motorway Project, the statements stated that "While the concrete pouring for the head beam is about to be completed in the northern foot of number 7, an accident has occurred as a result of the collapse of the pier supporting the head beam.
    In the statement made by ICA, “On the April 35, 5 at 2014 hours, there was a sad work accident in the viaduct of V20.50, which is under construction in the Çavuşbaşı area of ​​Çamlık Reşadiye connection road of the Northern Marmara Highway. The accident occurred as a result of the collapse of the pier supporting the head beam for an undetermined reason, while the concrete pouring for the head beam was about to be completed in the 7th northern leg of the viaduct. Despite all the occupational safety measures taken, 3 employees named Kahraman Baltaoğlu, Yaşar Bulut and Lütfü Bulut have unfortunately lost their lives in this accident. ”
    The same method and the scaffolding in the region in question safely stated that many times the concrete pouring was made in the following statements:
    “In this sad accident that occurred, why the pier in question collapsed and the causes of the accident are investigated by the authorities with precision and in full detail. We are deeply saddened by this hand accident. We wish mercy from Allah to our employees who lost their lives, condolences and patience to their grieving families. All necessary information about why the accident occurred will be shared with the public by the investor ICA joint venture. ”
    The pier collapsed in the viaduct construction that connects the newly built Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (3rd Bridge) to the Anatolian side ring road in Beykoz. In the accident, 3 workers died and 1 worker was injured. Many workers were also stranded on the viaduct.
    The incident occurred in the Viaduct 21.30, which connects the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge to the Anatolian Side highway in Beykoz Çavuşbaşı around 35. Allegedly, the scaffold collapsed for unknown reason during the work of pouring concrete on the viaduct. Three brothers Lütfü Bulut (48), Yaşar Bulut (50) and Sonay Bulut (42) and a person whose name has not yet been learned fell from an altitude of about 50 meters to the ground.
    The bodies of the deceased workers were removed to the Forensic Medicine Institute Morgue after the first examinations.
    An investigation into the incident has been launched.



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