Channel Istanbul and 3. The 500 billion $ fund for the bridge is on the way

Channel Istanbul and 3. The 500 billion $ fund for the bridge is on the way: Gulf funds with a total size of 500 billion dollars will participate in the International Investment Summit, which will begin tomorrow. Channel Istanbul and 3. The Gulf countries, which branded the Bridge, will compete for mega projects.

Gulf Countries Channel Istanbul and 3. He cut the bridge

LAST year 12.7 billion dollars attracting foreign direct investment continued high demand from Turkey to the Gulf countries in recent years. 1 which will start tomorrow. Istanbul Investment Association President Mehmet Ulusoy, who stated that the International Investment Summit will flock to the funds with a total size of 500 billion dollars from the Gulf countries, the funds mentioned above are in particular Istanbul and 3. They wanted to take part in mega projects like bridge. The 1.5 10-11 will be held in Istanbul on April. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, especially the foreign investors from the 40 country, as well as many foreigners and Turkish businessmen to join Ulusoy, the Summit will be focused on real estate, construction and energy, he said.

17 December is like July rain

Bay stated that the demand for serious investment in Turkey Ulusoy "12 thousand years the earth we live in different civilizations investing. Giant fund owners from the Gulf countries have a strong interest in the summit. already a part of existing investments in Turkey. In addition to the Ağaoğlu projects of the funds, 3. They are very interested in mega projects such as Bridge and Kanal Istanbul. Ulusoy, who made the analogy with the rain and the 17 December operation in July, said: X At the moment, the risks in other countries are big and there is no stability. Turkey is the center of attraction. In addition to stability, democracy, law and border security is a region. Especially after the election turned into advantages disadvantages for Turkey. Together with the summit, the most important officials of the state will meet with foreign investors. Weather in July, he does not think that the holidays he does not think anyone. He knows that a day later, the sun will turn. Bil Ulusoy, China, the US and European countries will take place in the Summit next year, and next year's Summit will be focused on technology and automotive, he said.

The eyes of the Qatarians in agriculture in Southeast and Central Anatolia

Ulusoy, the pre-summit meetings in the Gulf countries, different investment issues on the agenda, he said. Qatar people also expressed interest in renewable energy as well as agriculture Ulusoy “Katars, Austria and South America, hectares, acres of land made agricultural investment. They asked us for feasibility. We're doing preliminary work. He has interests in Konya and Southeastern Anatolia in Central Anatolia. In May, we will try to deliver our report. They are planning to invest billions of dollars.



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