3. zoning

  1. Arrangement for opening the airport environment to zoning: Wetlands were divided into two as national and local with the regulation published in the Official Gazette.

Forestry and Water Affairs regulation wetlands issued by the Ministry of "wetlands of national importance" and "local importance of wetlands as" two ayrıldı.yapıl the arrangement Turkey advocates can be opened to settlement of all wetlands in general environmentalists government of this arrangement will be made the third airport to be held in Istanbul he is doing to open the zoning area.


Wetlands Regulation published in the Official Gazette of yesterday contains significant changes. By the regulation, the surface and groundwater will not be taken in such a way as to negatively affect the ecological character and functions of the wetlands. With the streams feeding the system, the directions of other surface waters cannot be changed without permission and water will not be stored in the system. For all kinds of activities that may affect the water regime in wetlands, the wetlands of national importance in the planning stage and the General Directorate in Ramsar areas, and the regional directorate of wetlands in local importance will be received. Taking into account the territorial boundaries where the area is located, the report prepared by the provincial organization of the ministry will be discussed in the local commission and submitted to the approval of the General Directorate.

If the area is considered as a local wetland, the boundaries of the area will be determined and the protection and usage principles of the area will be determined. The activities to be carried out in the area and its surroundings will be evaluated and finalized by the provincial organization of the ministry within the framework of the principles of using protection. These areas will be monitored once a year to report to the local commission. Before the publication of the Regulation, the Wetlands Protection Zone boundaries, which were approved and approved by the ministry, will be valid until they are revised in accordance with the regulation.

'Changed for the third airport'

In the news in Hürriyet, Baran Bozoğlu, President of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers, said, "The legal basis of rent, talan has been completed," regarding the changes in the regulation. Bozoğlu said: “Before that all wetlands were one, there was only one wetland logic. The wetland does not have a national or neighborhood. Wetlands are not only water deposits, they are a whole connected with reeds and trees. With this regulation, they divide it into two. One is said to have 'national' and the other has 'local' significance. This is a very dangerous and crippling thing. The softest belly of the Third Airport is wetlands. For this project, money will be taken from international credit institutions. Since these organizations will pay attention to the wetland situation, the ministry is trying to dehumanize wetlands.

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