Those Who Died in 1915 were Commemorated at Haydarpaşa Train Station

The Deceased in 1915 were Commemorated at Haydarpaşa Train Station: A group who wanted to protest the so-called Armenian genocide gathered at Haydarpaşa Train Station and made a press statement. The group commemorating the Armenians who lost their lives in the events alleged to have taken place on April 24, 1915, threw carnations into the sea in memory of those who died.

A press statement was held at Haydarpaşa Train Station in order to commemorate the Armenians who lost their lives in the events alleged to have taken place in 24 and to protest the so-called genocide by the 1915 April Armenian Genocide Commemoration Platform. About 50 people, including members of the Armenian community, carried photographs of those who lost their lives in their hands. Yıldız Önen, who read a press release on behalf of the group that opened a banner saying “We commemorate the victims of the Armenian genocide” written in English, Armenian and Turkish, said: “Contrary to the alleged deportation, therefore the death journey was not implemented only in the war zone.

The most systematic, details until a planned way, to Bursa from Adapazarı, was carried out in all the Anatolia surface to Kayseri and now in this land, which the Republic of Turkey, an Armenian society kalmamıştı.1915 Armenian AnlArIndAn Christians began before the Anatolia genocide ridding Islamicize, then In the process of Turkification by targeting the Kurds, it was aimed to transform the multilingual, multi-cultural, multi-identity fabric of Anatolia into a uniform, single-language, single-cultural, and single-identity structure. The genocide, which has been denied for 99 years, remains a bleeding wound. We, as the organization, environment and individuals that make up the 24 April Armenian Genocide Commemoration Platform, say that 99 years of denial is enough. Recognition with genocide legal requirements, calculated is too large, the world around the Armenian directed to compensate for the deep losses to heed the Republic of Turkey on the various proposals, listen to, to fulfill justice, we demand the steps to take, "he said.

After the explanations of the activists, the carnivores brought to the sea in memory of those who lost their lives.



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