118 thousand vehicles scrapped

118 thousand vehicles were scrapped: 118 thousand 555 pounds were paid for 581 thousand 894 vehicles delivered to scrap directorates so far under the incentive applied for scrap vehicles.
Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, 22 over-age trucks, vans, buses, minibuses, tankers and towers in the scope of the practice of scrapping of the 118 555 581 894 487 thousand vehicles delivered to the scrap directorates so far paid XNUMX thousand pounds.
In order to increase the security on the road, to prevent environmental pollution and to ensure the price balance in the transport market, the General Directorate of Highway Regulation ended the work on the scrapping of the trucks, vans, buses, minibuses, tankers and tractors that had been transported in the 1990 and in the years before.
Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Deputy Undersecretary Talat Aydin, AA correspondent, said the economic and technical end of life vehicles, on the basis of volunteering on the basis of traffic and the market said they aim to withdraw, these vehicles, because they have the old technology risk in terms of security said.
In addition to the safety of traffic as well as ensuring a fair competition environment and to protect the environment, such an application that started the Aydin, the end of the application 31 2013 120 date until the date of the XNUMX thousand vehicles were scrapped.
He continued, the new study on the purchase of scrap vehicles, which is planned to be restarted this year, the new application for the purchase of scrap vehicles, said.
- "The target is to collect 350 thousand commercial vehicles from the market"
Aydın stated that they have collected 1985 thousand 75 vehicles from the market before and after 365 model and added: “In the last notification, 43 additional deliveries were made to this figure. Approximately 190 thousand vehicles in the scope of the aforementioned appear in the registry, but there are not so many vehicles in the market. Our goal until 500 is to collect 2023 thousand commercial vehicles over the age of 22 from the market. ”
Payments made by withdrawing the vehicles in the vehicles in the market 66 bin 148 the most scrapped vehicle striking that attracts attention, these vehicles with 31 bin 644, 9 bin 526 and the buses, 5 bin 205 and minibuses followed, he said. Aydin, the 4 bin 225 tow truck and a thousand 807 tankers were also said to be scrapped.
The scrapped vehicles that expressed provision of the most important life of the traffic contributions and property safety Aydin, also would reduce idle capacity in this way, economic efficiency, stressing quality and will be safer transportation offered with the contribution of the iron and steel producers to scrap Turkey needs to ensure the domestic market.
The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications signed a protocol with MKEK to ensure that the vehicles in question were not reused after they were scrapped. In the category of vehicles to be scrapped at the General Directorate of Security, there are approximately 181 bin 283 trucks, 213 bin 977 vans, 52 bin 157 vans, 30 bin 850 buses and 8 bin 159 486 bin 426 special purpose vehicles.
The vehicles are smashed at the facilities of MKEK Scrap Management Directorate in Kırıkkale, İzmir Aliağa and Kocaeli Seymen. The amount to be paid by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications to vehicle owners to be scrapped by the end of 2015 is expected to reach a total of 950 million liras.

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