1 million pounds for bridge to animals

1 million pounds for the bridge to the animals: Erzincan in the morning of the Euphrates River Karasu River in the morning to graze, animals in the evening to return to the water on the bottom of the businessman, businessman Celal Toraman built a bridge over the river. Breeders in Büyükkadağan and Fırat neighborhoods of Altınbaşak Town that use the bridge called indeki Gül-Celal Toraman ım and cost 1 million 150 thousand liras, Altın Every year our 15-20 cattle are drowning in horny water. Now we can easily cross our animals. We are grateful to Celal Bey who built the bridge. Kö
The inhabitants of Büyükbaşağan and Fırat neighborhoods of Altınbaşak Town, which are located in the town of Üzümlü, 20 kilometers away from the city center, have reached the bridge they wanted for years, thanks to the businessman Celal Toraman. 130 households and 470 people living in the town and neighborhood, about 500 cattle, 1.5 miles away from the pasture to bring to the pasture twice a day had to pass through the raging waters of the River Karasu said. Every year around the 15-20 the animal, the river crossing the water to be lost and waste the town's uncle, the contractor living in Istanbul Celal Toraman'ı mobilized. The philanthropist businessman used the 1 million 150 thousand pounds to build a 90 meter-long 6 meter-wide bridge over the Karasu River. He was given the name of the bridge by his wife Gül.
Ahmet Taşpolat, the headman of Büyükkadağan Neighborhood, said that for years the animals had gone to the pasture at 06.00, and that they were swim across the river from the Karasu River while they were passing through the pasture on the 17.00 ranks. This year, one of our animals did not get water. They are now passing through the safe bridge. Artık
Shepherd Ahmet Ilter, along with the animals themselves as they pass through the water to the nose, they were relieved by the bridge, he said.
The bridge, which will be officially opened in June, can also be used in vehicles, and residents of the surrounding villages will also benefit.

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