1 made modeled railroad track (Photo Gallery)

The 1 kilometer model has made a railroad: British Sean Green, who sweeps her arms to make a railroad model with her 23-year-old son Robert, is in a three-year run. Father and son, 'Wroxham Miniature Worlds' in the Norfolk region is the biggest dream of the model exhibited in the voicing.

Sean Green, who lives in the UK and is a full train addict, has made a model of the railroad route of about 1 kilometers long. This railway, where the 28 train takes place, is thought to be the biggest model of the UK. The 45-year-old Green has completed this model with his son 23, his son Robert. Father and son, very happy now. Because Father Green says that this is a dream he always wants to realize. The model we are talking about is now on display in the Norfolk region of England under the name 'Wroxham Miniature Worlds'. From the countryside to the busy streets of Japan, many things were used as decor.

On the other hand, cute villages, castles, snowy mountains and many more similar to life, the model has found its place in the railway. Green, who has been working for three years to make a model, spent many more years collecting the necessary items for the model. Just like a collector. Green hopes that the model of the public demonstration will see great interest. Norfolk, especially when rainy weather shows that people are looking for something to do Green, so that the effects of indoor effects may be more popular. According to him, this year 40 thousand visitors can come. Those who want to examine Green's model in more detail, wroxhamminiatureworlds.co.uk from this site.




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