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High-speed Train In Plane Out: This article is about the situation that you have the opportunity to travel both by airline and by High Speed ​​Train to the direction you will travel. Such an opportunity is still realized between Ankara and Konya. It will be valid between Ankara and Istanbul very soon with the completion of the ongoing test drives on the Istanbul - Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train line, whose construction has been completed - in a month or two.
In this case, the question of whether to prefer the plane or high-speed train will be raised. In this article, let's look for the answer to this question. Let us review the advantages and disadvantages of both transportation possibilities.
As everyone will tell right away, the airline is unrivaled in terms of short travel time. Airplanes travel at a speed of 750 - 800 km / hour. But as those who travel by air know, airports are far from cities, especially big cities. Reaching the airports and having to be at the airport 45 minutes before the departure of the plane equates this advantage of the plane against the high speed train in terms of time and increases the financial burden against air travel.
On the other hand, railway stations and train stations are in the city center or very close. Pedestrian, taxi, minibus or bus to the station and you will get to the train. At the end of the journey you will get your luggage and get off the train.
Let's examine the situation in terms of a possible Ankara-Istanbul journey after the Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​Train line is put into operation:
I do not know if there are any other transportation terminals in Ankara to the Airport other than by taxi. You will somehow reach the terminal next to the 19 Mayıs Stadium, which I know. You will get on the shuttle bus there, after an average of half an hour and 40 minutes of travel, you will reach Esenboğa Airport. Of course 45 minutes before the departure of the plane. You will get on the plane with tickets, safety checks, etc. You are at Sabiha Gökçen Airport 60 - 70 minutes after the departure of the plane. Loss of time when leaving the plane, waiting for baggage, buying etc. 20 - 30 minutes. Let's say KadıköyYou will go to, it will take an average of an hour with an optimistic approach. As a result, approximately 4 hours is required. It took 20 minutes from Ankara to get to the station by metro. Travel by high-speed train from Ankara to Istanbul Pendik (without making many stops) is foreseen in 3 hours. From Pendik KadıköyIt takes 40 minutes to go by suburban, and 10 minutes to travel to the opposite side by Marmaray.
Thus, the travel time is equalized. However, the cost of traveling by plane is 3-4 times more than the high-speed train in terms of financial burden, ie the money we can get out of our pocket. Besides - I think - high-speed train travel will be less tiring.
I foresee that we will witness a train-plane competition between Ankara and Istanbul soon ...

Source: blog.milliyet.com.tr



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