Tree slaughter in road works

📩 24/11/2018 11:53

Tree massacre in road work: Citizens reacted to the roots of tens of trees that were removed from the roots within the scope of the divided road work in BOLU.
Extending the road between Bolu and Mudurnu in the Tepecik-Çepni part of the road has begun expansion work. In the Seyit and Doğancı neighborhoods, dozens of woodworking machinery on the sides of the road were removed from the root. After dismantling the trees of the contractor company working on behalf of highways some of the citizens saw the wood saw cut off the trees and some reacted.
Highways officials said, “There will be divided road work in the region from Tepecik District to Çepni location. For this reason, the trees on the roadsides in the field belonging to the Highways had to be cut. ”
Reacting to the cutting of fruit trees in front of his house, Tenzile Çetin said, “They came in the morning and removed all the trees from the root. They cut mulberry, cherry and acacia trees. I was sorry that they cut down the fruit trees for the road. These trees have been here for many years and people have been eating these fruits. ”
Nurettin Çetin, who cut the cut trees with a chainsaw and took them to his home as wood, said, “With the knowledge of the headman in the morning, business machines came and removed the trees from the root. We cut the trees in front of our house, "he said.

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