Yokohama European Atağı (Photo Gallery)

Europe Attack from Yokoham: YOKOHAMA, the new winter tire series developed exclusively for Europe am Wdrive V905 introduced in Sweden. The brand also created the Lulea Test Center in order to test the special winter conditions in Europe with the launch of the Lulea Test Center.
Yokohama Europe's new series of special features for harsh winter conditions'n W
The drive revealed the V905 edi tire with a Swedish test run. At the same time, testers came to test the opening of the new test center in Lulea, Sweden, the new test center of Yokohama. Journalists 8 had the chance to test new winter tires on different stages. Popular “Wdrive (V902A / B and V903) B W B Wdrive V905 X 15''den 19''in sizes are available for sale ..
New “Wdrive V905 ”maximizes the edge effect that contributes to the balance on snow and ice. At the same time, the tire has a new tread pattern that improves the drainage of snow and water, and a new composition consisting of a variety of materials such as micro silica and orange oil. As a result, olarak Wdrive V905 buz has a high performance level on snowy and wet surfaces as well as on icy surfaces. With its new components, it has a lighter structure and low rolling resistance bileşen Wdrive V905 ”contributes to fuel efficiency in the most efficient way.
Excellent technical details
drive V905 teknik has a number of unique technical features. These features, developed by engineers at Yokohama's R & D centers, enable the new tire to improve its winter performance. Flat channels such as zig-zag, which develops lateral balances on snow and ice, such as rotation and slip prevention, stand out as the tread pattern of the tire. In addition, the large curved grooves in the back pattern prevent snow, slurry and wet surfaces from sledding.
"Wedrive V905 ler improves performance on snowy and icy surfaces with edge effect and maximum contact area under rotation direction thanks to its three- and two-dimensional grooves. The circumferential micro grooves of the tire provide performance without braking period.
Microfluidic structure consisting of sand grains tan W
drive allows V905 to achieve lower rolling resistance figures over a wider temperature range. The rubber, which is softened using orange oil, makes it possible to obtain more contact surfaces on both wet and dry surfaces. "Wedrive V905 dir increases the water resistance on wet and icy floors thanks to its medium and long contact areas as well as increased grip on dry ground. This is a factor that improves snow and ice handling.
New winter tire with multi-braided and 2 layered structure; two steel belts with high strength and a bead wire make it a lightweight structure. Low fuel consumption and a more stable driving i W
V905 drive will be "the year as of September 2014 tactics for sale in Turkey.



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