Yalıçiftlik-Ketendere road is paved

Yalıçiftlik-Ketendere road asphalted: Mudanya district, the road to the village of Yaliciftlik, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality teams asphalted by.
Kadir Kahraman, a member of AK Party Mudanya Municipality Council, examined the asphalt works of the thousand 200 meters of dirt road at the Yalıçiftlik-Ketendere site, which is the way of Yalıçiftlik village to the sea from the main road.
Hero, said:
“Our asphalt works have started on our Yalıçiftlik-Ketendere location, 200 meters long, 5 meters wide dirt road and will be finished in a short time. For many years, the village had demands from us about the asphalt construction of this road. During our visit to Yalıçiftlik with our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Recep Altepe and our candidate for mayor Arif Bayrak, our villagers expressed their demands and our President promised them for asphalt. Asphalt works started by the Metropolitan Municipality teams. On behalf of the Yaliciftlik villagers, I would like to thank our President for his sensitivity to Mudanya and his surroundings.




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