Visit from the Railway Lovers Association to the governor

A visit from the Railway Lovers Association to the governor: As the Founding Board of the Railway Lovers Association, the first official visit was to the Governor of Bursa, Mr. Münir Karaloğlu.
Association Founding Chairman Kemal Demirel is Enough for Traffic Terror. Bursa and Turkey Railway We want to start by saying 17 years ago and told the campaign that the point reached today in the construction of high-speed train between Ankara and Bursa.
Bursa Governor Mr. Munir Karaloğlu stated that he was closely following the high-speed train works and that 300 million has been spent so far. Governor Karaloğlu, the 2017 high-speed train can be completed by expressing the association wished success in their work.
Demirel also collected the signatures for the high-speed train to arrive, he made walks, and he kept the issue on the parliamentary agenda. He also stated that he shared these works with the public by opening exhibitions. He stated that he will struggle until he gets on the high speed train and that the aim of the Association is to promote the development of railway transportation, its economic place in transportation, its environmental friendliness and its importance as a safe transportation means.



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