Incredible train project bearing privacy

The incredible train project with secrets came to light: It is alleged that the incredible project of the AKP project, which is a secret project of the AKP government, has come to light.
According to Omar Milk and Ökkeş koskaan news, the AK Party government, which attracts the attention of the world public with his giant projects in Turkey, the actions will carry on with the last step to be taken abroad. Indeed, developing trade relations between Turkey and northern Iraq are gaining new dimensions.
Groundbreaking speed rail projects in Turkey in Turkey 'could not get the speed limit and far beyond. The fast train project, which is included in the investment list of the next year, will be extended to the city of Erbil in northern Iraq, where the Kurdish population is living, and the high-speed train project that runs through Mersin-Gaziantep-Sanliurfa and Diyarbakir.
Southeast Anatolia and Turkey will warm all the Arbil-Istanbul high-speed train project will be announced in March 9. Bus 24 km 1900 km in Istanbul-Erbil road will be a much shorter time. The cities in the Southeast will also meet the high-speed train and the time lost between cities will be reduced to a minimum. The high speed train from Istanbul to the Southeast will provide significant changes in terms of both comfort and time compared to the journey by bus.
AK Party Deputy and Diyarbakir Metropolitan Mayor candidate Galip Ensarioğlu, Istanbul-Diyarbakir-Erbil high-speed train line will give the public the good news.
Ensarioğlu said, ır We are in talks with the central government about the high-speed train project from Diyarbakır to Mersin and from Diyarbakır to Erbil. Ankara-Mersin-Adana-Gaziantep-Sanliurfa-Diyarbakir high-speed train will be transported from the borders to the ports and Diyarbakir will be the financial center with charm. ”Used the expressions. Ensarioğlu, Iraqi Kurdistan has drawn commercial and social relations of gold between Turkey would further increase.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candidate Fatma Şahin, who has made a statement about the line in Gaziantep, which is another leg of the high speed train project, told the, a The high-speed train is currently in Ankara, Karaman, Mersin, Adana, He's coming to Gaziantep. Istanbul will be able to go to this uninterrupted. State Railways issued this work at 2014. It is envisaged that the high-speed train project will reach Gaziantep in 2016.
AK Party Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate Celalettin Guvenc, the fast train will pass through Urfa said, es Sanliurfa's high-speed train project has been auctioned is currently being done. Gaziantep from Sanliurfa and from here to Diyarbakir. 160 will be able to reach a speed over the km. The contractor firm is working. ”
Guvenc said, ini We even told the Minister of Foreign Affairs Binali Bey, let's finish this project between the Organized Industrial Zone-Mürşitpınar (Gaziantep) and make the other parts tender because the transportation and transportation problems of the industrialist should be eliminated as soon as possible. Bak

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