Turkish Logistics Sector Increases Target in Rail Transports

📩 30/11/2018 11:44

The Turkish Logistics Sector Increases Target in Railway Transport: Büyük Anadolu Lojistik Organizasyonlar A.Ş. (BALO), promotion meetings continue.
Speaking at the BALO introductory meeting held in Duisburg in Germany, President of UTİKAD and BALO Board Member Turgut Erkeskin said that the Turkish logistics sector did not limit its growth target to Europe;
Turkey and established in order to improve rail transport between Europe and UTIKAD to the BALL is among the founding partners A.Ş., train photography services received by Rail Cargo Austria Group Chairman UTIKAD the opening speech of the meeting organized together with the European Turgut Erkeskin.
BALO block train services and service details were introduced to the German transportation world and the high level managers and representatives of the logistic companies specialized in train transportation showed great interest. Board Member Tahir Büyükhelvacı, BALO General Manager Hüseyin ISTEMUTİ, UTİKAD Board Member Kayıhan Özdemir Turan, Konsped Trade Manager and UTİKAD Railway Working Group Member Merih Ünal and Orship General Manager Reha Yardım attended the event.
In his opening speech, economic stability in Turkey and strong growth in attention to the dynamics of Turgut Erkeskin, the importance of economic relations between Germany and Turkey and emphasized the trade volume between the two countries, the largest trade said partner is Germany in European Turkey.
In parallel with the growth in the economy, infrastructure services in the logistics sector have also improved and 3. airport, 3. Which underlines that substantial investments to be signed as a bridge Erkeskin, owned by geographic advantage to add their transport investment in Turkey, the most important of today's production, storage and distribution base, he said.
Turkey's BALL time with an expression that further increase the effectiveness of European Erkeskin said: "" BALL environmentally sensitive by train, sustainable, affected by the weather and road conditions, the vehicle delivers the scheduled shuttle reliable and uninterrupted transport service required by the Turkish foreign traders. The aim of BALO, which raises the frequency of last week's trip to 3, is to arrange a weekly 10 cruise. We aim to achieve this volume in the next 1 year. Bu
Speaking in the transport and logistics activities also touched on the importance of third countries through Turkey UTIKAD President Erkeskin, logistics growth target is only limited emphasis on keeping Europe; Viking Train to Ukraine, Belarus, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, Islamabad Train to Iran and Pakistan, the sector is opened, with the political and economic stabilization and infrastructure to strengthen the infrastructure of the Gulf States said they plan to train.
Turgut Erkeskin, who drew attention to the sector's vitality after the opening of the railways to the private sector, said, Turgut The entry into force of the regulation on the Railway Transportation Regulation prepared with the contributions of the sector stakeholders will make a significant contribution to the development of railway transportation ın.
Turgut Erkeskin, who gave information about the works of FIATA World Congress at the end of his speech, hosted the FIATA Istanbul 1986 World Congress between XIKUM and 13-18 October, representing the Turkish transportation and logistics sector with success both in Turkey and abroad. stating that he would do so, he invited the German transport world to come together with the representatives of the global logistics market.
BALO shipped its first Block Train from Manisa on September 08, 2013 and started its operations with two scheduled flights from Tekirdağ, Manisa (Aegean Region), Bandırma (South Marmara), Eskişehir, Ankara and Konya to Europe every week.
BALO increased the number of weekly trains to three at the beginning of March. The third scheduled block train departing from Tekirdağ every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday also reaches Sopron (Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland), Ludwigshafen and Duisburg in Europe.


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