Tramway Daily 15 Thousand Printed and Distributed Free

Tramway Newspaper Is Printed 15 Days A Day And Is Distributed For Free: The Tramway Newspaper, which is published by Samulaş affiliated to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, is printed and distributed to citizens free of charge.
Tram is published on 13 by Samulaş 2014 February and attracts the attention of citizens. Tramvay newspaper, consisting of tablot and 8 pages, is available free of charge in the 21 tram station every morning on the stands, while Samulaş's cable car, ring and express buses are distributed free of charge to passengers. Tramway is a newspaper that is read and followed daily by the citizens to provide information about departure times, travel information, current news about the city, culture and art news, current life in the city, municipal services and sports.
General Manager of Samulaş Akın Üner, who gave information about Tramvay newspaper, said: “We need to be in the nature of the work we do. We also need to provide information to the public. If you are providing transportation services, the current hours of the vehicles' departure times, price policies, trolleys and travel rules at the stops were actually our important cost. We couldn't be very effective to make them public. In spite of the costs of our brochures, we found it more effective to remove the newspaper instead. We gave our passengers a chance to inform our passengers about our departure times, our travel information and our rules, to provide our passengers with a pleasant time during their travels, the current news about the city, the news of culture and art, the current life in the city, municipal services, sports news.
Akın Üner stated that they think Tramvay newspaper is a long-term long-term service. Ner If we are also liked by our passengers, we intend to continue this service for many years. This newspaper is printed on a thousand pieces of 15 daily. We are a daily passenger service organization around 75 thousand. An important part of this is a traveler. So we can say that we have a daily traffic of 30-35 thousand people. We distribute them to our passengers free of charge in our tram, at the tramway, in our parking lot, at Samulaş ring and express buses. The tabldot size 15 page isn't in a very thick magazine format, like any newspaper, but in a large-size newspaper in the 8 page, Tab he said.
Üner said that they had taken the necessary measures to prevent the environmental pollution of Tramvay newspaper, which was read and consumed quickly during the voyage, and said, gerekli I would also like to thank our passengers in particular, they act responsibly and throw them in our stations. We are trying to take measures against environmental pollution by providing recycling of these papers and recycling companies later. Bunlar




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