Topbas: Local tram wagons cost 50 cheaper

Topbas: Local tram wagons% 50 It costs cheaper: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbas, 1995 in a handheld handgun 250 dollar was brought to the 1 dollars, but now is manufactured to XNUMX dollars, he said.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş said that in 1995, a tram was brought to the hand for 250 dollars, but now it is manufactured for 1 dollar. Topbaş said, “Now a wagon cannot be bought for less than 3.5 million Euros. We cost 1.57 million Euros. We produce at 50 percent less cost. " said.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş introduced Istanbul's first local production tram at Topkapı Tram Station. Topbas said that they are carrying out the activities related to transportation diversification in Istanbul. Topbas said, ini We will increase sea voyages in Istanbul with our quality vessels in the sea transportation and the boats we have made the new tender. On the other hand, we renewed our buses and made them high quality. We're about to raise more numbers. Metrobus has attracted attention far beyond our thinking. There are studies about this again. We are working on trams and light metros. We said the main subways and we are in a very busy activity about subways. Our new 4 line is now underway. They will also be brought to the tender stage. We would like to cover Istanbul with iron nets on both the surface and the metros. The measure of a city's civilization depends on the proportion of people living in that city using public transport. In other words, people, administrators, experts, academics, businessmen, employees, students in a city can use public transportation together and if they prefer to use them instead of individual vehicles, it is the city. Here we are in the excitement of bringing Istanbul to this scale. Ğ he said.
Stating that a tram was brought to $ 1995 in 250, Topbaş continued as follows: “Which budget depends on this. That is why the municipality that could not pay salary occurred. Then, with the instructions of Mr.Recep Tayyip Erdogan, such a simple material started to be produced in Istanbul. The handles, which were bought for about $ 250 at the prices of that day, were produced under $ 1. Today they are asking for an account. Are we using these services correctly? Now we're building a wagon. It cannot be bought under 3.5 million Euros. We cost 1.57 million Euros. We produce at 50 percent less cost. How do we make such investments? Here is done by saving them. We will work harder. Our goal is to bring this country to the place it deserves, to serve our nation. "
Topbas said that the production of local tram contributed greatly to the country not only in terms of cost but also in terms of technological experience and education. Sadece This study is an engineering wonder. Previously started with the production of spare parts, working today, the software has become indigenous in every aspect. These are the leading light rail produced in Turkey. 2 was lowered to the rails. 18's coming. You calculate how much we make. We also gain a technological experience. Our students come from universities, do internships, see closely, learn practical. The engineers of the future are cultivating technical men. Not only do we make a wagon and ride in it. Sadece
Topbas said that they will no longer need to use individual vehicles in Istanbul in the near future. In No one in the city is driving in Rome, very little. He's got bikes, motorcycles, or public transportation. We will bring Istanbul to this point. We have set targets to equip Istanbul with rail systems and subways until the extreme. Let someone know how. I can't read them openly, but not in the hands of these projects. There are those who keep the newspaper upside down. They ask each other what is this. Because they didn't have that trouble. No idea what their ideas are. Our love is to bring this city to the place it deserves. Our close support to our nation shows us that this also brings us so much responsibility. For better and perfect, we have to take steps to set an example for the world. Meli
Kadir Topbaş made a test drive on the tram after his speeches. Topbaş went back to Demirkapı Station at Topkapı Tram Station with his entourage.



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