Nevşehiri speed train project to start work was given

High-speed train project activities, including Nevşehir, have been initiated: Studies have started in Nevşehir, which will advance the class in tourism, trade and quality.
Nevşehir in the statement on the project involving the high speed train, the project will be completed by the AK Party period will be implemented.
With the introduction of the high-speed train line, significant acceleration will be achieved in both transport and trade.
The number of tourists arriving in Cappadocia in Antalya is expected to increase threefold in the first place with the high-speed train, while the stations will be located in various places in Nevşehir.
High Speed ​​Train Route
According to the 65 km project covering the Nevşehir part of the Antalya-Konya-Aksaray-Nevşehir-Kayseri railway project, the railway will enter from the district of Acıgöl to the province of Nevşehir and will go out of the province border from Avanos district. With the project, one station will be built in Acıgöl and Avanos. At the end of the 1st Viaduct in Sulusaray, the high-speed train line coming from Nevşehir will be connected to Avanos by tunnels, and will be connected to Kayseri by following the Kayseri - Nevşehir highway through underpasses.



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