They came to vote by high-speed train

They came to vote by high-speed train: In the local elections, voters who wanted to vote at the place they were registered preferred the High Speed ​​Train (YHT).
Eskisehir Gar Directorate officials, the local elections due to an increase in the number of those who come and go day by day, stating that up to 21.00 YHT'lerin hours reached 100 full occupancy rate, he said. Passenger Kaan Bilge Yalcin, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, Eskisehir Osmangazi University is a student, but the family lived in Ankara, he said. Stating that he had come to vote for the elections in Eskişehir, Yalçın said, ç We came by High Speed ​​Train, we will vote and go back. The elections will be better for our country. Seçim
Şaban Adıgüzel stated that Eskişehir is like a suburb of Ankara and said, g I went to Ankara to vote last night. After using my morning vote, I got on the train and came to Eskisehir. Sabah Berat Akkaya from the passengers said that he came to Eskişehir due to the election and said, 'We had a hard time finding tickets this week. I bought a ticket a few days ago. There was this density on the highway. We had to take a precaution. Thanks to that measure, we did not have any problems. O Furkan Karagöz, who came to Eskişehir to vote, told that he worked in Ankara and that he would vote and return.

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