Minister Yazıcı spoke about BTK railway line

Minister printer BTK spoke on the railway line: Customs and Trade Minister Hayati Yazici, for the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, "When the railway line was completed Turkey's really a 150-year dream with Marmaray we held in Istanbul in Beijing, will unite to London via Kars " said.
Minister Yazıcı, who came to the city to make various opening and examinations, told reporters during his visit to Governor Eyüp Tepe and said that they came to Kars to open the customs office building.
Tomorrow Igdir will perform the groundbreaking ceremony of Dilucu customs building and voicing them with the build-operate-transfer model of printer, "Indeed, the biggest project which is one of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, Ankara-Kars high-speed trains, Turkey's most important One of his projects. "It is a very strategic study that will carry an enormous trade potential on the railway line that will connect the historical Silk Road route from Beijing to London."
"When the railway line was completed Turkey's really a 150-year dream realized in Istanbul Marmaray Beijing, out of Kars will unite with London," said the printer, said:
"I hope that day for Turkey, in terms of world history and politics, in terms of the world economic point of view I think it will be an extremely important event. We mobilize the potential of our region, to facilitate the lives of our people, to improve the economic and social welfare as a truly republican government under the leadership of the Republic of Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan're running nonstop. We continue our way by saying 'Our job is service, our strength is the nation'. Hopefully, considering the import and export figures of our customs directorate here, even if it seems low when we look at the potential in terms of the establishment of a customs directorate, I am sure that at the discretion of this customs directorate, import and export transactions will be made in Kars.



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