Speed ​​skating eye on a black sports branch

Speed ​​skating sport a black eye: Turkey Ice Skating Federation President Fahrettin Kandemir, in Palandöken Ski Center spoke about speed skating.

Turkey Ice Skating Federation President Fahrettin Kandemir, Erzurum, which will be held March 7-9 "Short Track World Junior Championships" before, he spoke at a press conference held at a hotel in Palandöken Ski Center.

Reminding that 39 athletes, 86 of whom are women, from 201 countries will participate in the competition, Kandemir said, “Almost all of them are good athletes in their branches. In this respect, it will be a serious competition. We will watch the future of potential young people here. In the championship, 500-1000-1500 sports final races will be held. In addition, 3 thousand meters men's and women's races will be held. We are participating with 10 athletes, ”he said.

a first in Turkey Kandemir, indicating that more Erzurum in achieving happiness, "Erzurum, Turkey's locomotive at Hope'd of speed skating, competing with rivals in the world, will gain momentum in the this sport. It will be instrumental in bringing many more young people to this sport. It has been 4 years since we started this sport. A sport branch with a good history in the world in the past, our children have achieved great success in 4 years. We have a good group especially at the star level. "If we can run to the semi-finals with our children in this championship, I consider it a success."

Emphasizing that speed skating is a daring sport and that male athletes generally prefer it, Kandemir continued as follows: “This sport is preferred by male athletes, we are not at the level we want for female athletes. We caught a good generation from below. I hope we will send many of our pups to the 2018 Olympics in the near future. There is a very good development. As a Federation, we try not to miss the races in Europe within the framework of budget possibilities. The more these children compete, the more experience they will gain. Experience is important in this sport. What we do now is leavened and we are doing well. "

"The Federation does a lot with a small budget"

Kandemir stated that in order to train more successful athletes, the opportunities need to get better and the federation's budget is not sufficient, “Federations in the world organize leagues and organize races. Federations choose national teams, we are not lunch. The Federation is the mother of the clubs, the father of the clubs, who gives their equipment, provides every opportunity. With such a modest budget, it is very difficult to turn these things around with 2,5 million liras. An ordinary skate costs a thousand euros, we are a very modest federation. In order to send many of our athletes to races abroad, we reduce the number of the team. We subtract one person. "

Federation of one of the biggest problems experienced athletes after a period of training and Kandemir stressed that disrupting the sport for different purposes, said: "National education policies in Turkey, does not support the sports policy. Here are our Fırat, your children whom you know with Davids, are very successful, but when the exam time comes, what will happen to this child, the parents will come, "My son, you will study and become a doctor, you will become an engineer." You invested for 10 years, he goes away. We are losing a lot of value. We are very successful in every branch up to the stars level. We are losing in Europe in the world after that. This is the country's problem. Ice sports do not happen by building facilities. Quality coaches and effort are required. We tried to bring the best to Erzurum. The children are over everything now. "

Underlining that sports should be supported in every sense, Kandemir said, “There is a sports center in Erzurum, but there is no follow-up of development, muscle development and experience development”.