Strong Czech Railway Industry to be presented at Eurasia Rail 2014

The Strong Czech Railway Industry will be introduced at the Eurasia Rail 2014 Fair: 6.3 at the CZECH RAILWAY INDUSTRY EURASIA FAIR. - 9.3. 2014 Güçlü Czech Railway Industry is officially introduced at the 4th International Railway Vehicles, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair (Eurasia Rail) in Istanbul. A total of 17 Czech companies, development, construction, production and maintenance of rail vehicles within the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic; railway infrastructure construction, modernization; research, design, production, installation, service in the field of signalization; security, information and telecommunications systems in rail transport; railway components, materials and services, and other similar services and products. Companies to be introduced to the Turkish market in Eurasia Rail: ACRI - Czech Railway Industry Association, Alfa Union, AMIT, AV Engineering, AZD Praha, Bonatrans, CSAD Uherske Hradiste, DAKO CZ, Legios, Pars Komponenty, SKD Trade, Skoda Transportation, T-CZ , TOS Kurim OS, VUKV, VUZ and VZU Plzen.
Istanbul, 6 March 2014: 180 year-long Czech industrial production tradition, Czech Republic's most comprehensive rail network in Europe, every 6 Czech citizen to go to work by train (according to CER report) and more meaningful than railway transportation, Being ecological and economical is one of the reasons why the railway is important in the Czech State. In today's successful development of railway transportation, 180 has been ensured by the traditional development of the annual Czech railway sector. Ringhoffer wagon factory in Prague, wagon factory in Kop'ivnice, 1.
Czech-Moravian machine works - afterwards, ČKD has always been among the most successful manufacturers, together with SKODA factories in Pilsen and other manufacturers. The quality of its products can be demonstrated through its extensive exports all over the world.This deep-rooted tradition is successfully linked with the current representatives of the Czech railway sector, which is constantly investing in the development and purchase of new technologies for the development of new products. These technological innovations in rail transport are a necessary prerequisite to ensure competitiveness in the dynamically developing industry sector. Members of the Czech Railway Industry Association (ACRI) currently employ 19,000 people in the Czech Republic, with an annual turnover of more than 3 billion EUR, half of which comes from export revenues. possesses. ACRI is the only Technical Standardization Center in the railway industry and a member of the European Railways Industry Association. It is the leading Czech exhibitor at the Eurasia Rail fair, with its common interests in the supply of railways against Czech institutions, railway operators, railway infrastructure managers and representing European institutions through UNIFE.
Transportation and infrastructure is one of the major development opportunities of the Czech Railway Industry in the future. Turkey is a big country with wide railway Due to the Czech manufacturer has a market can offer many proposals.
Czech focuses on some traditional companies are global area famous products is the continuation of our company tanınmaktadır.günü by people 150 years SKODA modern in public transport are TRANSPORTATION cities and rail vehicles as a powerful SKODA company from ortaktırpilsen for Railway Industry Turkey. The company's key products include low-rise trams or subway train sets that are environmentally friendly for the mass transportation of many European cities. Recently provide SKODA TRANSPORTATION tram to the city of Miskolc in Hungary and Konya in Turkey.
AZD Praha AZD Praha, alarm systems, delivered by the Istanbul subway modernization, Soga-Partners upgrading of railway safety switch device for road and Tekirdag-Muratlı project with ESA 44, the signal lines including remote management control DOSE-1 or telecommunications system device with ABA-1 supplied with Turkey AZD Praha has also collaborated with other companies by supplying 260 units for over 500 peer rail crossings in the construction of the Irmak-Zonguldak railway line. AZD Praha, Lithuania, Belarus, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, Greece, USA, Bulgaria and operates in India.
Bonatrans Group railway wheel sets and parts - wheels, axles, tires supplied by Turkey with long time many of the largest European tedarikçidir.tedarik the railway vehicle while having a collaboration of Turkish Railways (TCDD) team one of the last ten years the Turkish province to make and supply parts In addition, the wheel set for new EMU and DMU units made by Hyundai Rotem and TÜVASAŞ for TCDD, and EMU units for the prestigious Marmaray project were moved. New metro units in Istanbul (manufactured by Hyundai Rotem) and Ankara (manufactured by China CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works) are equipped with BONATRANS wheelsets. Istanbul Transportation, City Transportation Agency will minimize tram noise in densely populated areas.
BONATRANS operates trams with its flexible wheels. BONATRANS wheel sets are used in new TCDD trains such as the electric locomotive E68000 by Hyundai Rotem / Skoda Transportation and the diesel locomotive Powerhaul produced in cooperation with General Electric - TÜLOMSAŞ.
Other Czech participants at Eurasia Rail offer a wide range of innovative solutions based on tradition and high quality. AV ENGINEERING offers a combination of CAD-CAE-CAM and PLM information solutions, as well as unique product development services. CSAD Uherske Hradiste is a full load truck customs service worldwide (full trailer load, FTL) transportation, customs warehouses and customs clearance, transport and logistics specialist. DAKO CZ manufactures brake systems for locomotives, freight cars, passenger buses, subways and trams.
The PARS KOMPONENTY production program includes interior and exterior doors, pneumatic and electric door systems, windows, luggage racks, lifting platforms for disabled passengers, and interior compartments for public transport passenger cars. SKD TRADE focuses on SS assemblies' production and repair, winding electro technical items and products, and offers its products to domestic and foreign shipping companies and all railway vehicle driving operators worldwide. T-CZ Radio manufactures communication and radiolocation technology. TOS KURIM - OS manufactures large milling machines and portal-type machining centers with a table width of 8.00 mm and width between columns 10.00 mm. VUKV is a center test and development for railway vehicles, containers and transport engineering parts with consulting services. VUZ offers expert services and comprehensive solutions in the evaluation of consultancy and activities in the railway system and rail transport. VZU PLZEN offers accredited testing and development with dynamic laboratory tests, computer simulations for tools and advanced material testing.
In recent years, Czech Republic - Turkey experienced an unprecedented acceleration in economic relations. Increased trade volume with Turkey is one of today's most important trading partners of the Czech Republic. Although bilateral trade at the beginning of the millennium have long-term growth trend showed a ten-fold increase since last year and only bilateral trade between the Czech Republic and Turkey 3.36:XNUMX billion - the largest volume between the two countries was USD. Bilateral trade is expected to grow steadily with current relations and long-term contracts (in the energy industry as well as the railway industry).
EURASIA RAIL 2014 Participants:
ACRI is an institution that deals with supplier companies in the Czech Railway Industry. The association is a member of the European Railway Industries UNIFE Association. ACRI represents common interests in the railway supply industry against Czech institutions, railway operators, railway infrastructure managers and many business relationships, and even against EU institutions through UNIFE. For more information
AV ENGINEERING AV ENGINEERING has been operating since 1993. The company is the leading CAD - CAE - CAM and PLM information solutions supplier to develop a unique combination of product development services and many industrial products. AV ENGINEERING,
It offers consultancy for concept design to prototype product development and PDM / PLM solutions. AV ENGINEERING Transportation industry - focused on locomotives, trams, special rail vehicles projects. For more information the www.aveng.e.
AŽD Praha sro is the largest Czech manufacturer and supplier in the fields of transport-oriented control, signaling, telecommunications and information technologies. He is interested in Railway transport, road telematics, telecommunications, metro control systems, as well as Locking hardware station for company rail transport, Line signaling systems, ETCS / ERTMS, GSM-R, Level-pass protection systems, Wayside elements (points program, signal, rail circuits,… etc) technologies and systems. For more information
BONATRANS GROUP is the biggest supplier of railway wheel sets and parts - wheel axle, bandage in Europe.
It specializes in the fields of wheels and parts - locomotives, high-speed trains, electric and diesel multi-units, passenger and freight wagons, trams, metro vehicles and special rail vehicles, and meets 30% of the need in Europe in 5 continents and 80 countries. operators. The company has a very strong research and development department with years of experience in developing wheel set design according to various needs of customers. Operating in 5 continents and 80 countries, the company is a reliable partner of railways, city transportation agencies, OEM vehicle manufacturers. For more information
CSAD Uherske Hradiste In the European transport sector, 20 has been operating with 130 truck fleet since years, providing timely transport, express delivery and ADR transport services. For more information
DAKO CZ DAKO CZ manufactures brake systems for locomotives, freight cars, passenger buses, subways and trams. For more information
PARS KOMPONENTY develops and manufactures mass transport vehicles, underground vehicles, trams, trolleybuses and bus components. It is the main purpose of the company to ensure customer satisfaction at all stages for the comfortable and reliable use of new or repaired transportation vehicles by end users. Pars Komponenty has recently invested in research and development to be able to meet the growing demand in the Indian railway market. For more information
SKD TRADE Company's activities focus on the production and repair of steel structures, production of spare parts, electrotechnical winding elements and similar products. SKD operates the consignment warehouses of exclusive transport companies in the Czech Republic, with the largest antrepode 1500 spare parts. The second part of SKL TRADE activities is the production of STRATOS minibuses, IVECO DAILY
are mounted on the chassis of the models. Minibuses are available in three basic versions - diesel, CNG and electro. More
For information
SKODA TRANSPORTATION is a manufacturer with a long history in the field of rail vehicles used in urban transportation. Successful investments on new production lines, long-term goods deliveries and financial stability have resumed SKODA TRANSPORT as Europe's leading railways industrial company. The projects are being developed not only in Pilsen but also in other cities such as Ostrava, SUMPERK Prague. Many joint ventures still continue in China, Poland, Hungary, Russia and Germany. Environmentally friendly electric locomotives, low-floor trams, metro units are the main products of the company and are used in many European cities. The company has become a leading global supplier of trolleybuses and develops hybrid vehicles that use hydrogen or electricity as the energy source. For more information
T-CZ is involved in T-CZ, JSC, Radiocomnia and Radiolocation technologies. Company's development, production
and service areas: Radiocommunication systems for railways, in particular in the 150 MHz - 450 MHz band range. Dispenser systems duplex and
Simplex provides the transmission of commands and reports in operations. CAB radios produced in European standards for European networks. CAB radios, which produce T-CZ, are compatible with analog and digital European systems. For more information
TOS KURIM - OS is the manufacturer of Gantry Type and Floor Type heavy duty machining centers TOS KURIM production program, in terms of size and form
The company focuses on large milling machines and machining centers, which allow it to work with heavy and complicated workpieces. eg. up to five surfaces and five axes with continuous control / guidance These include gantry-type machining centers up to 5.000 m and up to 9.000 mm. Gantry-type machining centers are available in fixed or mobile cross-section, engine power 30 kW - 113 kW models. The TOS KURIM brand flooring processing centers process 6.000 mm on a perpendicular axis, and the motor power is 70 kW, with outward-sliding drilling spindle or models with automatic interchangeable milling heads; Both models are available on request. In the production program there are also technological workshops established according to customer requirements.
VUKV is located in the 50 km of Prague, and has a testing laboratory at Railway Testing Circuit Velim. Company for rail vehicles
focus on development and testing, components and consulting in the engineering industry. For more information
VYZKUMNY USTAV ZELEZNICNI VUZ is comprehensive in the area of ​​specialized services and evaluation, testing activities, rail systems and transport
TSI - Interoperability Technical Specification, European Railway System and structural sub-systems: Infrastructure, Energy, Railroad Vehicles Control, Command and Signalization of products according to conformity assessment is made. It prepares product certifications - railroad vehicles, railways and parts.VUZ Velim test center has 13.276 km Large Test Area and 3.951 km Small Test Area, test preparation halls, Dynamic Test Laboratory and Training Center.VUZ is an independent company with rooted history - 60 has experience and knowledge. The modernization work of VUZ Velim test center is ongoing and the scope of the services it offers is expanding. For more information
VZU PLZEN Services in the field of research, development and accreditation in the 100-based company on rail vehicles
Dynamic Laboratory Tests - resistance and fatigue on the actual operational loading simulator for rail vehicles and their components
time tests, Computerized Vehicle Simulators - calculations of resistance, fatigue and collision, Fluid and Thermodynamic Calculations - numerical simulation of external aerodynamics of rail vehicles, HVAC systems, ventilation and heating for the interior of vehicles Operational load analyzer and measurement - Operational tests of vehicles, operational load measurement, The company's activities include measuring and analyzing vibration for vehicle and structural parts - estimation of fatigue life and external noise calculations, measurement and analysis. For more information



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