Special Campaign for Anatolian Insurance Policy Owners

Special Campaign for Pirelliden Anadolu Sigorta Policy Holders: Pirelli continues to undertake campaigns that make life easier for its consumers. All Anadolu Sigorta Insurance and Traffic Insurance policy holders who have purchased automobile, 01 × 2014 or light commercial vehicle tires from Pirelli until 4 June 4 benefit from the 4 buy 4 pay campaign for their 3 tire purchases.
Not only with technology, consumer-friendly approach to exhibiting the measures taken by Pirelli campaign, with Anadolu Sigorta, Turkey's leading insurance company, it has launched a new campaign. Within the scope of the campaign valid until 01 June 2014, all Anadolu Sigorta insurance and traffic insurance policy holders benefit from the advantage of paying 4 buy 4 for automobile, 4 × 3 or light commercial vehicle tires at Pirelli Authorized Dealers.
Policyholders; I www.pirelliclub.co entering the page names with special discount coupons and vouchers by taking the output of the copy of the page that contains the personal information of the policy will be enough to submit to the Pirelli dealer.
Detailed information about the campaign I www.pirelliclub.co ve www.anadolusigorta.com.tr There addresses.


Günceleme: 21/12/2018 17:15

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