Get Ready to Ski in Four Seasons in Ankara

Ankara, Four Seasons is a ski Making Ready: Turkey real estate industry's leading Sinpaş developed by the Building and in the center of Ankara rate every day more and more rising Altınoran year, will enjoy the four seasons of skiing began studies Ski Resort. Altınoran, which is the biggest life project of the real estate sector, preparing to change Ankara's understanding of housing with colorful and innovative social facilities, also redefines the standards that will increase the quality of housing and life. In Altınoran, the center will have the pleasure of skiing in summer and winter, besides the main track and training track, there are ski ramps and ski house and the cable car connecting the upper and lower levels. Altınoran, which carries the quality bar higher in every field, preferred Sports International, Ankara's favorite sports center for other sports activities other than skiing.

Summer skiing pleasure in Altınoran, from professional to amateur everyone will enjoy this pleasure

The construction of the Kayak Valley, one of the most unique and striking social facilities of the Altınoran project, has started. The 200 meter runway is the main runway of the 50 meter with 1000 meter length and XNUMX meter width for international competitions.

Makes a difference with rich sports fields

In addition to the Ski House, which also includes cruise terraces, ski rooms and relaxation rooms; Ski Valley, connecting the upper and lower elevation of the cable car is located.

the ski slopes of the ski complex, which will enjoy the four seasons of the year as it was in Ankara to Ankara will be Turkey's first artificial slopes. Briton Engineering Developments company, which Sinpaş Yapı cooperates with, uses Snowflex® technology.

Sports fields consisting of tennis courts and social facilities in the project add a different value to social life in Altınoran.

Altonaran prefers Sports International, Ankara's prestigious sports center

Altınoran, which raises the value it creates with its social facilities to the highest levels, by cooperating with the best brands in its field, preferred Sports International, the favorite sports center of Ankara, for the sports complex in the project. Sports International, which will open its second branch in Altınoran after Bilkent in the capital, has already started its preparations to provide comfort and sporty lifestyle, which is sought by Altınoran residents, with its numerous sports facilities and applications, as well as solarium, massage and steam room, lounges and sauna.

Quality and trust are above all else along with social facilities in Altınoran

Sinpaş Yapı, which has been the leader of the sector for nearly 40 years and adds value to the lives of thousands of families, continues to provide the highest quality and confidence together with its original concept and social facilities to those who want to have a residence in Ankara with its Altınoran project. The latest techniques and technologies are used in the design and construction of Altınoran, which is designed by determining the needs and expectations of Ankara residents. Constructed with all kinds of comfort and security elements, the blocks rise fast and meticulously. In the Altınoran project, a huge staff of 2000 is currently working 7/24, building 85 floors per month. In addition to the instructors of the Middle East Technical University, Altınoran is absolutely solid and safe with the type of ground surveys approved by the Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate of Ankara Governorship, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Directorate of Reconstruction and Urbanization and Directorate of Construction Supervision and Licensing. offers a living space.

Opportunities to be a member of Altınoran continue, the first stage of delivery is in August!

Turkey's largest life project Altınorda, the new payment plans continues to undertake development and the new campaign. With housing options ranging from 60 m2 to 430 m2 and 1 + 1 to 6,5 + 1, families with different budgets and needs are offered the opportunity to live in Altınoran, while prices are prepared with the most affordable payment terms. In Altınoran, where the houses with lake and valley views are located, the option of paying 48 months is noticeable for those who want to own a house.

In the new life and attraction center of Ankara, Altınoran, the number of days left for the delivery of the first stage houses. With the delivery of the first stage in August 2014, the privileged life in Altınoran will actually start.

Project Tag

Project name: Altınoran

Company: Sinpaş Yapı

Location: Çankaya - Oran

Total Land: 1 million 850 bin m2

Total Construction Area: 1 million 200 bin m2

Total Housing: 2 bin 647

1. and 2. Number of Housing: 1033 housing

Square Meters Range: 75 with 344 square meters

Price Range: 245.700 TL with 1.807,500 TL

Delivery Date: 1. Stage August 2014, 2. Stage Range 2014