Schneider Electric introduced its integrated rail transportation solutions at Eurasia Rail 2014 (Photo Gallery)

Schneider Electric introduced integrated rail transportation solutions at Eurasia Rail 2014: Schneider Electric is participating in Eurasia Rail Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair, which is the world's third largest fair, integrated from equipment supply to system setup and after-sales service. introduced its solutions.
Schneider Electric, a worldwide expert in energy management, participated in the Eurasia Rail Rail, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair with its rail-integrated integrated solutions.
The world's major technical equipment and experience as quoted on the site with his collaborations with brands that offer the service of projects in Turkey Schneider Electric, Istanbul Expo Center in 6-8 March between realized Eurasia Rail in system setup from supplying equipment and aftermarket opportunity to introduce integrated solutions until the shuttle service found.
Schneider Electric brings international knowledge and experience to Turkey
By buying Areva In the 2010 rail system market has become an important player in rail systems with Telvent company it adds to the body in 2011 accessing the hardware to provide complete solutions Schneider Electric, direct current used in metro and tram projects Satli system for it's the only company capable of producing in Turkey .
Can Ceylan, Sales Manager of Schneider Electric, said, ız Our transformer production is done in our factory in Gebze, and our medium voltage cells are produced in our factory in Manisa. Nearly all of our products have the signature of Turkish engineers. At this point, we think that we have made a significant contribution to the Turkish economy. The R & D centers of these departments are also in our structure. We have a R & D team of approximately 80 people, including the design team. Diz
Ankara Metro broke record
… The rail system is one of the systems that will provide the greatest added value to the economy lı “
Can Ceylan, Sales Manager, Schneider Electric:: If we look at the investments to be made; rail system is one of the systems that will provide the greatest added value to a country's economy. But it needs to be evaluated correctly. High-speed train projects are a good investment, but before that, freight transport needs to be taken to a certain point. The cost of the investment is not as big as the fast train, so it can be further accelerated. We expect these projects to be accelerated. 2023 to 8 will be required to electrify the targeted XNUMX thousand kilometer line. We expect the tenders to be concluded as soon as possible. Bun
Schneider Electric made a name for himself with his work on Izmir Metro and Ankara Metro Project M3 and M2. Mr. Can Ceylan, Transportation Sales Manager at Schneider Electric, stated that they have complete transformer centers and scada systems in these subway projects. Belir We started with the first Sincan-Batıkent line in Ankara Metro, and then Ümitköy-Kızılay line was included. So we've finished two subway lines right now. I think it's a record break in this project. Following the signing of the contract, 7 delivered the CER centers that provided the 24 passenger station and trains supplying the trains every month and deployed the scada systems. This was a difficult time to achieve. The trial began and we started the test drive with the participation of the Prime Minister and Minister of Transport.
“We want to take part in TCDD projects“
Ceylan emphasized that Schneider Electric wanted to take part in the projects carried out by TCDD with transformers: la Transformers are the heart of this business. Our transformer factories have serious experience. We are one of the three companies that can manufacture transformers at the power required by TCDD. With a rough estimate, we expect the new transformer center 200-250 to be built. The market is huge, there are so many projects to be implemented on the railways that these three factories only grow. Pazar
Turkey's rail of having a scheme seated in the system and Ceylan stating of making the weight of state support of investments that attracted the attention of foreign investors, "the European Investment Bank, the Asian Development Bank or investors in the Middle East, financing opportunities they've turned to Turkey. In this respect, we believe that the rail market will not be affected by daily crises or political conditions like other markets in the coming period as in previous years. It takes three years for a project to take place at the tender point, and the project takes place as soon as possible. Therefore, it has a structure that will not be affected by the daily tremors Dolayısıyla.



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