Sarıgül: Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Station will be museums

Sarigul: Haydarpasa and Sirkeci Railway Station will be a museum. The Republican People's Party Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor candidate Mustafa Sarigul said it will be a city of culture with museums to be built in Istanbul. Sarıgül said, “I will definitely win two important city museums in Istanbul. Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations are very suitable to be museums with their historical and architectural features. We will plan both the Sirkeci station and the Haydarpaşa station as a city museum. ” said.
CHP candidate Mustafa Sarıgül made statements to journalists at Sirkeci station. Sarigul said that Istanbul will be a city of culture with city museums. Sarıgül said, “We have a Topkapi palace and Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Unfortunately, we cannot meet our Hagia Sophia and Topkapı museums with the world. In addition, the number of museums in our Istanbul is insufficient. Unfortunately, a world-class museum has not been built in Istanbul in the last 20 years. ” he spoke.
Önemli I will definitely win two important city museums in Istanbul, kent he said. The historical and architectural features of Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci are extremely convenient. These two are built during the 2 Abdülhamit period. These two gar is a garage of the city, preserving the property of the city and attracting the whole world is our two most important issues. Both Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations are a must-have museum. The gar must also be protected. No friend of ours who works at the Sirkeci station will be victimized. S
Stating that the existing texture of the stations will be preserved, Sarıgül said, “There are two choices here. When others come to power, it can be a shopping mall. There may be such studies in a hotel. We do not find it right to be a shopping mall and a hotel. We will keep its historical texture, we will repair it. We will open a project competition here. In the project competition, we will plan both the Sirkeci station and the Haydarpaşa station as a city museum. ” spoke in the form.
City museums should remain open until night 12.00 Sarıgül, said: kal There are those who can not visit the city museums in the day. Tourists want to come in the night when they don't want to come in the daytime due to the city's traffic jams. Why museums are open only during working hours. I need a little more economic concession. The facilities of the staff working there should be carried to a good point. Orada
Indicating that metros should serve at night Sarıgül, Sarı Public services 24 hours must continue. We would like to work in the subway between Istanbul and 12.00 06.00 hourly. We receive significant complaints from our citizens on this issue. There are people who work at night until 01.00. There are important problems for our working children to go home. We will make the subway until the 02.00 up to half an hour and then an hour after the 02.00'll provide. "He said.




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