Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Exports to Russia

Export of Fresh Vegetable Fruits to Russia by Road: The delegation of Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (DKIB) signed a protocol for renting warehouses to serve exporters as a result of their negotiations in Vladikafkaz for the start of export of fresh fruit and vegetables from the Black Sea to Russia.
Providing information on the subject, Mr. Mehmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, who provided information about the issue, stated that the wet fruit vegetables export was allowed as a result of the intensive contacts carried out by the NCCU through the transit passage Kazbegi / Verhni Lars via Georgia, which will provide transportation in a short time by road to Russia. eleri Following the authorization process, 19 was released by the Russian Federation's Federal Plant Quarantine and Veterinary Service on February. In this context, the details of the procedures to be natural to these companies are negotiated and the protocol will be stored and our exporters will store the warehouse to store their products with our organization, the Association of the important fruits and vegetables exporters of our region consisting of the official 12 personality delegation 11-14 March 2014 North Russian Federation North Ossetia We organized an official visit to the city of Alania in the city of Vladikavkaz. Alan
Gürdoğan, Ministry of Economic Development, Federal Plant Quarantine and Veterinary Service under the Head of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Republic of North Ossetia Alania within the scope of the official visit program to ensure that trade between the two regions can be maintained in a healthy manner. chairman, senior officials of the North Ossetia tax office, a meeting with the participation of high-level officials of the Ministry of Agriculture said that the process was made to inform our exporters about the process.
Gürdoğan continued his words as follows: et It was stated by the authorities that they would show every kind of ease in the import transactions and investments in their regions. Furthermore, they expressed their gratitude and gratitude to the Eastern Black Sea Exporters' Union for their interest in the Eastern Black Sea Region and the opening of the gate. In the said meetings, the shipment of fresh fruit and vegetable products from our region to the city of Vladikavkaz and other regions of the hinterland; The areas and areas that may be suitable for the establishment of a Turkish Logistic and Transfer Center in this region have been shown to our delegation and these areas have been examined. In addition, our exporters have examined the cold air warehouses where they can store their products and interviews were made about the leasing of these warehouses and pre-protocols were signed.
In addition, in order to prevent the inadequacy of the transit document (dosbola), which is still a major problem in road transport with the Russian Federation, the authorities in Vladikavkaz have been offered the possibility of not looking for a transit certificate from our export vehicles until the depots to be evacuated. We are pleased to inform you that they will inform us by the top authorities and to show a positive view to this situation.
Emphasizing that the Russian Federation is among our top priority markets in terms of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, DKİB President Gürdoğan said, “Almost 50 percent of the sector's exports are made to the Russian Federation. The suffering experienced by our exporters as a result of the intensity and waiting in the ports in the exports made by sea will be prevented to a large extent with the active use of this road. It is obvious that the Kazbegi-Verhni-Lars gate is at a much shorter distance than other alternatives, and that the gate is included in the Simplified Customs line will provide exporters with significant competition opportunities. In addition, reaching Kazakhstan, one of the rising target markets of recent years, from this route will bring another new market to the sector and will provide significant advantages as a new export route in other sectors. In addition, we continue our efforts to solve the issue by transferring the issue to our Ministry of Transportation in order to eliminate the problem of inadequacy of transit documents, which is one of our most important problems in road transportation, and to allocate Russian passage documents to our Eastern Black Sea Region at the scale of this gate potential ”.


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