New Tram Line to Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam The Hague Tram
Rotterdam The Hague Tram

New tram line to Rotterdam The Hague Airport: The new tram line to Rotterdam The Hague Airport will connect to both Rotterdam city center and Den Haag.

According to the new agreement reached between Rotterdam Main City and the Main City of Den Haag, both cities will be provided with tram connections to the Rotterdam Hague Airport.

This morning at the meeting held at the NN Douwe Egberts Café Rotterdam regional manager Jeannette Baljeu, the new tram will go through Delft, so that the two direct connections to connect the two cities will be said.

As it is known, there is a metro connection called Randstadrail between Rotterdam and Den Haag.
According to information received, the construction of the new Hague tram line will cost 200 million euros.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport currently has only one bus from Rotterdam and a shuttle bus that connects to the light rail line. Due to the frequent use of the airport in the new year,

It is a fact that it will be needed.

With the new tram line, the Hague airport to Rotterdam center is 10 minutes, Delft and 15 minutes and

Den Haag and 40 will be down in minutes.

According to the plan, the tram number 25 in Rotterdam and the tram number 1 in Den Haag will be trams connecting to the airport.

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