Paladöken Ski Center was flooded by Iranian tourists

Paladoken Ski Center was flooded by Iranian tourists: When IRAN tourists flocked to Paladoken Ski Center for a 14-day Nevruz holiday, the occupancy rate in hotels reached 100 percent. Hotel managements prepared special entertainment and events for Iranian tourists due to Nevruz tourism. Iranian tourists, mostly young people, skied during the day, jumped over the Nevruz fire on the ski slope on the night of March 21 and kept their intention.

Approximately 500 tourists who came to Palandoken from Iran's East Azerbaijan province celebrated with great enthusiasm. Iranian tourists skiing during the day and having fun in discos until the first light of the morning, jumped over the fire and wished Nevruz would bring peace and tranquility to the whole world. Every year they celebrate Nevruz neighboring countries that came to describing the Iranians Palandöken Ski Center in Turkey, he said it was gratifying despite the arrival of spring the melting profit in Erzurum.

Turkey's paradise Fulai Leyla indicating that Iranian nation, "Write Antalya in winter we come to Palandöken. As in every Nevruz, we came to Erzurum with my family this year. "We do not see ourselves as foreigners in Palandoken because there are no tourists other than Iranians."

Palandöken to that brought about 200 Iranian citizens in tourism Hamid Çarkçı, "Nowruz biggest reason we prefer to feast Palandöken in Iran is very close to Turkey. Also, the ski season continues in March. "We set up the" Haft Sin "table where red fish, which we believe will bring abundance and good luck throughout the new year, with 7 foods starting with the letter" S ", which is the most important symbol of the feast celebrated in Iran for centuries," he said.

Drawing attention to the fact that Iranian tourists cheered up Palandöken at the end of March, Dedeman Hotel General Manager Mehmet Varol said, “The Iranians who fill Palandoken also contribute to the city's economy. One in three cars in the city center is Iranian. During the Nevruz holiday, Iranians ski during the day and have fun at night. The season will continue until the end of April; "We are waiting for those who can't get enough of skiing."

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:27

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