Asphalt Works Started in Osmancık

📩 21/12/2018 17:14

Osmancik Asphalt Works Started: Osmancik Municipality due to weather conditions paused due to hot asphalt work continues from where it left off.
Hot asphalt works in the city center, which were interrupted due to rainy and cold weather conditions in Osmancık, resumed with the improvement of the weather. Mayor Bekir Yazıcı, who supervised the asphalt works started on the route of Ziraat Bankası Junction and Tedaş Junction on Atatürk Street, one of the main arteries of the district, said; In the city center, the infrastructure works have been completed before, the tender has been made and the loan has been taken, approximately 30 km. Part of the hot asphalt pavement to be made on 150 streets and streets covering the area was completed, and the work was suspended due to cold and rainy weather. Now we have started to work again, taking the opportunity to make sure the weather conditions are suitable. The asphalt work that started on Atatürk Street will continue in other central streets and streets in parallel with the weather conditions.
We set out to leave works. 5 We did not stop for years, we did not rest. We chose the hard one, committed to finish the infrastructure of the bleeding wound of the district and continued our efforts in this direction. Although we have a short time remaining, we continue our work without slowing down.
We are not candidates, we do not want votes. The only thing we want from our countrymen is their blessings. Their blessing to us is more precious and superior than anything else. We said that our people deserve the best of everything and we will continue to work by saying so until the last day. " said.

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