Construction Works of Osmancık-Dodurga Road Continue

Construction Works of Osmancık-Dodurga Road Continues: Improvement works are continuing in the Dodurga-Osmancık district connection group by Çorum Special Provincial Administration.
In the scope of the studies, culverts, widenings and ground works were completed. On the road, sharp bends and blind spots have been destroyed and the work to ensure that the traffic becomes safer. It was also reported that the asphalting works will be initiated after the completion of the ground fills infrastructure works in the old road where the crashes occur.
If the traffic flow will be relieved and the visibility distance will be adjusted according to the Highways standards, the 6 meter road floor with 35 meter width and the excavation work on the sides and the 20 thousand cubic meter filling is used. 5 has been reported to pipe to different point.



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