Description of Elderly Cards

Ego General Description: EGO General Directorate, the free of charge to remove the old free cards announced.
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's free aged cards, which have been distributed since the first days of 2014, attracted great interest from the capital city of 65. 140 close to a thousand people get over the age of 65 citizens, buses, subways and Ankaray'a free as they wish to ride any time of the day. Before the local elections, the EGO General Directorate, which warned that some allegations and slanders about the old free cards were raised, made the following announcement:
Öncesi In the recent days, untrue allegations and slanders are being removed before the election, in which old free cards used in buses and rail systems will be removed, and our citizens are unnecessarily anxious. 65 free of charge to the public transport vehicles of the age of our citizens over 12.07.2013 6495 date and 88 XNUMX. and by the regulation issued by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. Therefore, the removal of free cards can never be in question. It is important that our citizens do not respect these false claims and slander.


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