Mustafa Emniyet, Palandoken Logistics Center Project does not quit

Mustafa Emniyet, Palandöken Logistics Center Project does not leave behind: MUSIAD Erzurum Branch Chairman while working in a special manner with the Logistic Village Project Mustafa Secure, continues to be a follower of the issue. TCDD Erzurum Logistics Manager together with Sebahattin Demir Palandöken Logistics Center in the investigation of the construction of the Safe, site officials received information.
Stating that a very important distance has been recorded at the logistics center, the Prime Minister Erdoğan promised that the project will be completed in 2014.
Mr. Mustafa Güvenlik stated that they have been closely following all stages of the project which they have been paying attention during the period of MUSIAD Erzurum Branch. Following the completion of the works in the first part, the second part tender will be taken into consideration considering the appropriation status Birinci.
In the second part of the customer, the inventory area, additional storage and maneuvering area, customer warehouse and container area concrete covering, entrance control building, superstructure construction of the whole plant (17 Km rail installation) and the expansion area are approximately one thousand meters. There are jobs like the Wall of Faith. However, considering the conditions of the season, the second part of the works must be done as soon as possible Ancak.
In order to make this tender, the first part underlines that there is no need to wait for the completion of the works. The issue should be discussed with the General Directorate of TCDD and the issue should be followed with precision Konu.
MUSIAD's 3, which evaluates the connection of the facilities within the scope of the Logistics Village Project to the Organized Industrial Zone. Mustafa Guven, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said: ın In the beginning of the establishment of Logistics Village, it is aimed to provide fast, safe and economical transportation of raw materials and products produced by industrial companies in Organized Industries. Based on this, it is thought that the density of the vehicle between the Organized Industry and the Facility will be at the line stage. Organized Industry and Facility Connection Road, which is currently in the project, rather than a controlled level crossing, with an overpass will ensure the facility's vehicle density and vehicle access safety. Furthermore, the damage to the railway and the dangerous situations that can be caused by the heavy tonnage vehicles entering the plant will be completely eliminated. For the construction of the overpass, negotiations were held with the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways.
On the other hand, the process of acquiring the Logistics Village Project in Erzurum has been the subject of various discussions and it has been suggested that the project will be transferred to Kars. During his term as President of the Erzurum Branch of MUSIAD, he carried the issue to the agenda of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and carried out various projects on the project with the Undersecretary of the Prime Ministry Efkan Ala.
Safe, et We've struggled a lot for this project. The first part of the project is very close to completion. We request that the second part works without losing time and the facility has been put into service until the end of this year. This process is very serious and needs to be closely monitored, edil he said.




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