Minister Elvan speaks about the Silk Road in Igdir

Minister Elvan spoke about the historical silk road in Igdir: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfü Elvan said, yolu The historic silk road passes this route. I hope we have a railway project from Edirne to Kars, from Kars to Tbilisi, or even to Beijing. After completing the Kars Tbilisi Railway Project, we will implement the Nakhchivan, Kars, Igdir, December, Dilucu railway project, including the implementation project that we have completed all our projects, proj he said.
Minister Elvanı who came to Iğdır for various excursions and investigations visited Governor Davut Haner in his office and got a briefing about the works.
Elvan, in his speech here, Iğdır'ın, "Çukurovası the Eastern Anatolia" is described as stating, the province has fertile land, he said.
Elvan told that they have completed the airport by using the 250 thousand passengers annually.
Elvan continued his work on divided roads for border gates and neighboring provinces. He continued:
Dır In the last 11 year in Iğdır, we completed the 172 kilometer divided road works. The split road just before us was just a mile 10. Our investments in education and health continue in other sectors. Although Iğdır has very important potential, I think it can not be evaluated in sufficient sense. Of course, the harmony between local governments and especially the government is important. 30 After the local election, the mayor, who will be elected after the local elections, will start Iğdır to stand up. We, as the government, will continue our activities for the infrastructure as we have done so far. Biz
Stressing that Turkey's unity and the need Elven, said:
Ğ We need unity and solidarity in our country and in Iğdır. This will be shown in Iğdır city. In particular, during the last 1,5-2 annually, we started with the bu National Unity and Brotherhood başla project, and then this esi Resolution Process lik will continue together with our brothers and sisters. After this, we will spend our efforts on developing our province, providing more employment and lowering the unemployment rate to lower rates. If this peace of mind continues together, there is nothing that cannot be done here. Eğer
Elvan, after the Governor's visit by the AK Party in a wedding hall held by the Presidency of the party meeting with party members and gave information about their investments in Igdir.
Stating that important projects for Iğdır are continuing, Elvan said:
“The historical silk road passes through this route. Hopefully, we have a railway project that reaches from Edirne to Kars, from Kars to Tbilisi, and even Beijing to China. After completing the Kars Tbilisi railway project, we will hopefully implement our Nakhchivan, Kars, Iğdır, December, Dilucu railway project, including the implementation project, for which we have completed all our projects. I already say good luck. It will be 223 kilometers in total. This project is one of the most important projects that will really lift this region up. We, as the government, are doing everything you want one by one and we continue. However, when I look at the city center of Iğdır, we see that you are facing very serious and important problems. You have serious infrastructure problems. That's why March 30 is very close, I hope you will get this municipality by working well. Our Candidate for Mayor, Mustafa invention, will raise Iğdır to its feet with our support. Good work and this selection here kazanwe need food.

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