MP Tunç Visits Workers of Highways

📩 24/11/2018 11:56

Deputy Tunç Visited Highways Workers: AK Party Bartın Deputy Yılmaz Tunç visited the Highways Workers together with the Provincial Chairman Yaşar Arslan. Tunç, wishing the workers convenience, sohbet He.
Mayor Candidate Dr. Seyfettin Kalay and the members of the Municipal Council, visits to tradesmen, home, coffee house and site sohbetTunç, who asked the people of Bartın to vote for Bartın's future on 30 March, finally visited the workers and officers working at the Chief of Highways Branch together with the Provincial President Yaşar Arslan and conveyed his good deeds.
Deputy Tunç, visit the workers in Bartin, they have signed a very large investments in the field of transportation, the great efforts of the workers in this highway, he said. 30 March is very important for Bartin, indicating that the deputy Tunc, "Bartin CHP and MHP'ye sentenced, Yalcinkaya and Akin 's seesaw policy with the loss of 13 years, now it is time to serve in municipalism, he said. Deputy Tunç, who expressed his wishes to good work was, As a result of the harmonious work to be carried out with Seyfettin Kalay, we will see how Bartın has changed in a short time, beautified, and gained huge works. Sey

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