IZBAN good news from MHP's Taşer to Selçuk

İZBAN from MHP's Taşer to Selçuk: Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Izmir Metropolitan Mayor candidate Murta Taşer gave the good news of İZBAN in Selçuk, where he continues his election work. Stating that no one can compete with him in transportation in İzmir, Taşer said that they will bring İZBAN to Selçuk.
Taşer first met with his fellow townspeople in Selçuk, MHP Selçuk Mayor candidate Levent Görür toured the market place trades. Stating that Selçuk has a long history, Taşer said, en The tourists who come to İzmir are unfortunately unable to see İzmir as they wish. Izmir has no infrastructure to develop tourism. 11 responsible for this is the power that threatens the citizens of Izmir with the support of vote, with Kocaoglu who has tormented the citizen for years. Our transportation services are obvious. We will bring İZBAN to Selçuk as soon as we take office. The mentality that doesn't do it until today is a mental mentality. The AKP and CHP are the representatives of this out-of-the-box mentality. Bu
Evening hours organized by the party organization Buca district organization, MHP group vice chairman Oktay Vural, Provincial Chairman Necat Karatas, Buca Mayor Candidate Levent Cizmeli and District Chairman Ali Karakus with the participation of MHP Izmir Metropolitan candidate Murat Taser also criticized his opponents in the speech here. Taşer, who criticized the two political party candidates for their actions, said, ın The CHP candidate of the AKP candidate will be full of weaker 10 annual Izmir report cards and they will not be able to integrate. My fellow citizens of Izmir will give them their approval. What did the CHP candidate manage for ten years? What's changing in Izmir? What makes our lives easier, solving our traffic, garbage and waste water problems? As for the AKP candidate, you have done your best to leave Izmir back, now you want İzmir. You have turned Izmir into a conflict zone, made fun of its values, now you want to vote. With this rogue, you're going to get this background. We will send one of you to Ankara and the other to the CHP. Bir


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