Vezneciler metro station will open today

Vezneciler metro station will be opened today: Vezneciler Station on Şişhane-Yenikapı metro line will be opened today.
In the statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that the Haliç and Yenikapı stations, located on the Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge, of the 3 kilometers long Şişhane-Yenikapı Metro, were put into service on February 5.
It was noted that with the commissioning of Vezneciler Metro Station today, Istanbul University Beyazıt Campus employees, students, local people and tradesmen in the region will have great convenience in transportation by rail systems.
The station will provide positive contributions to the region's tourism, said the following information:
“Vezneciler Station, which will be opened tomorrow, on the Şişhane-Yenikapı Metro line, was built 30 meters deep from the surface. At the station and station entrances, walking and warning tapes, grab bars and disabled lifts were installed in line with international standards in line with disabled accessibility, and ease of access from the surface to the platform was provided. For our visually impaired citizens, safe access was provided from the entrance of the station to the platform by building an embossed walkway on the floor. By applying an elastomer cushion that prevents vibration under the rails, the noise and vibration caused by the train were minimized and travel comfort was increased. Since the project is located in the Historic Peninsula, vibration-damping and noise-minimizing rail fastening systems were preferred. "
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Passengers getting on the metro from Vezneciler Station on the Hacıosman-Yenikapı Metro Line; Taksim-4. Levent-Hacıosman direction, Yenikapı and Üsküdar via MarmarayKadıköy-When the light metro (between Yenikapı and Aksaray) is completed, it will be able to reach the directions of Otogar-Atatürk Airport-Bağcılar-Başakşehir-Olympic Stadium.
Archaeological excavation work continues
Within the scope of the Şişhane-Yenikapı project, the archeological excavation and documentation studies carried out in the bridge piers of the Golden Horn Metro Bridge, Vezneciler Station and Yenikapı Station areas have been carried out meticulously to date.
Archaeological studies are still continuing in one of the exits of Vezneciler Station on Şehzadebaşı Street, depending on the conservation board decisions. Finds obtained in archaeological excavations were taken under protection by the Istanbul Archeology Directorate. The most important of these finds, the Byzantine period (Opus Sectile) mosaic was removed under the control of the Istanbul Archeology Museum.
The station was named "Vezneciler Station 16 March Martyrs Entrance" in memory of the soldiers killed in the police station in this area during the occupation of Istanbul. In addition, a monument describing the event in three languages ​​was placed at the entrance of the station.



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