Mersesi Train Accident in Parliament

Mardin Train Crash in Parliament: CHP İçel deputy Vahap Seçer, yesterday in the city of Icel and 10 people died of the train crash was carried to the agenda of the Assembly.
The Select CHP, about the train wreck of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan's answer to the request of the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey gave a vote of questions. In his proposal yesterday reminiscent of the fact that the service vehicle carrying workers working in a factory in Icel-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone (MTOSB) in Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone (İçel-Adana), who wishes to cross the Bağcılar crossing between the barrier and guard in İçel-Adana, was under the train, 10 said the person was injured.
Every day, tens of thousands of vehicles entering the MTOSB junction between the Mersin-Adana railway line intersection with the level and signaling system in the region asking if there is a problem asking Seçer, asked why the problems so far can not be solved. The proposal, TCDD in the two statements made by the driver of the service vehicle that is held responsible for indicating that, both the investigation of the investigation was made after the investigation and the public wanted to be announced.
Seçer also asked Minister Elvan to respond to the following questions:
Odik At what intervals are the periodical maintenance of the railways carried out? In particular, when was the maintenance of the railway in Icel? In general, the number of barriers in particular Turkey and the barrier gate on the railway Icel is it? How is the signaling and safety of level crossings provided by how many people? Is the fact that the day of the incident, the fact that the security barrier officer does not operate the barrier correctly reflects the truth? What kind of measures are taken for the safety of the citizens, especially in places where there are settlements, between the street and the neighborhood and where the railways pass? What are the works / projects carried out for accidents? 2002-2014 year by year between the general and the specific number of train accidents in Turkey Icel is it? What is the number of people injured and injured in the train crash? In the same period, what is the number of people brought to justice due to train accidents over the years and what are the fines they received? Aynı


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