New projects of Melih Gökçekin

Melih new projects: Keçiören Municipality, along with spending as much as the mayor of year 25 of life, hyperactive called can be so lively and energetic, because no smile disappearing, always a metropolitan mayor among the people ... Melih, is a veteran of mayors in Turkey and the world. If he continues to be a candidate, I am determined to give this vote to Melih Gokcek, who is surprised by his eyes and by seeing the projects he will do to Ankara in his dreams.
Gokcek won the total 28 medal of the country during its presidency and was elected as chairman of the World Association of Global Design Cities for two consecutive terms and the Union of European Award Winning Cities. He was the only mayor of the Council of Europe to win the 4 award for cities. In addition, the 5 award from the Islamic Capitals Organization, the 4 award from the UNDP Lincom Organization (liveable societies awards), the UN Habitat best practice award, the World Water Organization's best practice award, the PAM Mediterranean excellence award and the best university city award won.
We cannot finish the services Melih Gökçek has given to Ankara. I'm just going to write a few of the misfortune:
MAG, raising people from falling 20 years 2 square meters of green space per square meter in Ankara 19 and 10-fold increased our capital, Ankara has made Turkey's greenest city. 19'dan 332'e increased the number of parking; Besides, works such as Altınpark, Dikmen Valley, Göksu Park and Wonderland have won the first prize.
Ankara History, the Nation History City Haci Bayram environment with the project has come.
Kuzey Ankara Urban Transformation Project received the international award. n During the period of Gökçek, since the establishment of the Republic, 70 has been serving more than once in the year. 115 pieces of pedestrian crossing, 71 pieces underpass, 181 pieces were made of bridges.
Ankaray, Sincan Metro, Çayyolu Metro and Keçiören Metros were transferred to the Ministry of Transport as most of them were completed.
Also, this 20 year period, municipal social, health, education, youth and sports, for example to the whole world and Turkey constitute applications have been made.
AK Party Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Melih Gokcek's new project will be held in the next 5 yearly, some of the short.
Ankapark: The largest shopping center in Europe: Gokcek will have realized the famous Disneyland in Ankara.
Ankara Strait Project: With this project, Gökçek will bring the 'Bosphorus' but not the sea to Ankara. 11 km.lik (finally 43 km.lik) this channel will change the face of Ankara.
Airport Metro Project: Length 30 km. Sıhhiye-Airport Metro 5 will be finished in the year.
Kuzey Yıldızı Mosque and Cultural Center Project: It will be the most ambitious mosque of the Republic Period.
Telebus Project: Turkey's first cable car Bus Project, Ankara will spend the space age and will ease traffic.
333 Ankara Tower Project: This tower will be the symbol of the Capital.
Faith and History Project: In the meantime, I'm offering the Turkish History Museum.
Congress Center Project; Eryaman Stadium, Fairground Project.
Thermal Water Resources Project: Thermal tourism will be developed in Beypazarı, Ayaş, Güdül, Kızılcahamam, Çamlıdere, Kazan, Çubuk and Ankara.
Also; Çamkoru, Çubuk-1 Dam, Gölbaşı Auto Galleries Project, Hacı Bayram-ı Veli Mosque and Its Surroundings Renovation Project, Reproduction of Family Life Centers, Yeni Mamak Project and Agricultural Development Project.
Melih's re-elected president will Insha Allah be beneficial for Ankara and Turkey. I seem to see the magnificent state of 2019 in Gokcek and I would like to invite my fellow Ankara residents to support Gokcek.


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