Mecca Metro 1. Stage rail system pre-qualification invitation made

Mecca Metro 1. Stage rail system made an invitation to pre-qualification: MPTP Metro 1. The stage contract includes a company advertisement and line affairs and systems (including warehouse systems).
Mecca and Meşair Development Committee (DCOMM) 1 of Metro Public Transport Program (MPTP) with an ad on the company's website. Stage rail system made a preliminary qualification invitation for jobs.
"DCOMM invites experienced national and international companies specializing in metro and bus transportation systems for proficiency in metro rail system jobs," he says.
MPTP Metro 1. The stage contract includes line works, including systems (warehouse systems), which include: Signaling; telecommunication; equipment for station and buildings; The MEP and overall system integration are included.
A resource close to the project “is a vital part of this project, but does not include tools and construction work. The other two are the subject of another ongoing prequalification tender. ”
On the other hand, Osama Al Bar, chairman of the Executive Board of the Mecca Metro project, told the National Arabic Daily that two weeks will be awarded for two railway lines in Mecca, a part of a multi-million dollar subway project in the west.
22 said the international consortium was qualified in this project on the construction of two lines (total 46 km) that will serve the 16 metro station.
He added that. We plan to make a proclamation of the contract within the next two weeks to this 16 company that has applied and received a qualification three months ago. Ayrıca
The consortia, which have prequalified qualifications, consist of China, South Korea, Malaysia, Spain, Italy and Austria.
The tenders related to the project will consist of two contracts - the construction of a 25 km line and the construction of the line of 21 km.Osama Al Bar will be held for two of the four lines planned in the metro project. We are planning to sign the contracts related to the construction of these two lines in the last quarter of this year. Biz
In addition, the project's construction work, train transportation systems and production of trains and maintenance equipment, the three different sections are specified.
Mecca subway is planned as a system consisting of four different lines with a total length of 114 and 62 stations. It is part of a comprehensive transportation system project with different types of buses.
According to Arabic Daily, the government of Saudi Arabia approved the transportation project, which consisted of three stages, with a total cost of 16,5 billion. The cost of the first phase is 6,8 billion $ and is expected to be completed in 3 years.
The cost of the second five-year stage is 5,06 billion, while the cost of the two-year third phase is calculated as 4,6 billion.


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