Level crossing keepers working without permission 56 hours per week

Level crossing guards work 56 hours a week without permission: In the train accident that resulted in the death of 10 workers at the level crossing in Mersin, all the bill was cut to the subcontractor worker working as the gatekeeper. The authorities, who invited the accident by not taking the necessary precautions, were still not touched.
Erhan Kılıç was taken into custody and the guardian of the gate, Erhan Kılıç, was arrested. The United Transport Workers Union (BTS), who made a statement about the accident, pointed out that people working as gate guards were recruited through service procurement, they were not TCDD personnel, and this situation invoked accidents.
Mr. Tonguç Özkan, President of the BTS Adana Branch, told the newspaper about the working conditions of these subcontracted workers.
According to the information provided by Özkan, the weekly working hours of these subcontractors are 56 hours. They cannot even take a weekly leave, they work with minimum wage. Contracts are renewed every year, input and output are made in SGK records. For this reason, they cannot get compensation or retire. When they ask for permission, they say 'no staff' and they are not allowed to use permission. For this reason, other guards are on duty 24 hours a day to manage their friends who need leave.
Workers are forced to work overtime every week, but they do not pay overtime. No food allowance. They only get one dolmus money per month, like 100 TL. When the contracts are terminated at the end of the year, they withdraw the severance pay which they have deposited in the accounts of the subcontractor because they are a legal requirement and bring them to the firm again. Even the subcontractor in the bank is waiting for the authorities to get this money back. They can't make a sound out of it, because they don't have any job security.
Özkan says: “Until 8 years ago, TCDD's permanent employees were doing this job. Later, employees started to be recruited through service recruitment, and this became the case. These workers are working in very bad conditions and they are not railway workers. We have repeatedly warned TCDD and officials about this issue and level crossings. However, as always, the tender was left to a subcontracted worker, not the authorities who turned their ears to these warnings and were the main responsible for the accident. "
BTS Adana Service Warehouse Chief Warehouse Officer Hüseyin Erdem, who is the engineer of the train who made the accident, stressed that the whole responsibility of the accident cannot be demolished by a single worker. Erdem said, ve In every accident, either the mechanic, the driver or the guard is declared guilty and the incident is closed. However, there is a structural problem here. Railways and highways need to be completely separated. These accidents continue as long as the gate security is not taken. Geç



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