Identity of woman hit by tram in Kayseri

The identity of the woman hit by the tram in Kayseri was determined: It was revealed that the woman who lost her life after being hit by the tram in Kayseri and whose identity has not been determined for two days is 57-year-old Emine Bağcı.
The incident took place in Kocasinan district Hacı Saki neighborhood Düvenönü Tram Stop on March 18 at 07.30:30. Allegedly, the tram used by XNUMX-year-old Ali Durgut, who was moving in the direction of the Organized Industrial Zone, hit a woman who fell on the rails as she approached the stop. Seriously injured woman was taken to Kayseri Training and Research Hospital by ambulance. However, he died here despite the doctors' efforts. Although the police carried out identification work for the woman, who did not have an identity card, they could not reach a result.
Reşat Vural Police Station Headquarters took action on the report of the disappearance yesterday evening and determined that the unfortunate woman was Emine Bağcı, who made a living by selling socks. Bağcı's body was delivered to his relatives after the autopsy.
Two kidneys and liver of 9-year-old Oğulcan Eray Yılmaz, whose organs were donated after being injured in a traffic accident and brain death 16 days later, in Milas District of MUĞLA, were transferred to three patients in İzmir. 16-year-old Cafer Olcay, who clings to life with donation kidney, said that he regained the happiness of living life. Father Osman Olcay, on the other hand, said that they would receive halalness by visiting the donor family right after his son's standing up.
On March 5, in Selimiye Town, when Oğulcan Eray Yılmaz lost control of the 34 FG 3936 car's steering wheel, the vehicle hit a roadside market wall and iron barriers. Yılmaz, who does not have a license, lost the battle for 75 days at the Milas 9th Year State Hospital, where he was hospitalized with serious injuries. Upon this, father Behzat Yılmaz, who decided to donate his son's organs, said, “We made this decision so that others would not experience similar suffering. I also donated my organs. Hope to someone that these organs will decay in the soil. It doesn't matter whether it is a native or a foreigner, a Muslim or a Christian. Organs go to those who really need it. Priority should be given to people who are not well-off. This is all I want, ”he said.
One kidney and liver of Oğulcan Eray Yılmaz were sent to Dokuz Eylül University Hospital and the other kidney to Ege University Hospital. At Dokuz Eylül University Hospital, the kidney was transplanted to Ressul Yük, 18 years old, and the liver to Şevket Pıyan, 45 years old. The second kidney was vaccinated against 16-year-old Cafer Olcay at Ege University Hospital. Olcay, who stayed in the intensive care unit for two days after the operation, was taken to the service.
It was determined that Cafer Olcay, who was ill while working with restaurants in touristic towns and went to his family in Aydın, needed a kidney transplant 5 months ago after the examinations in the hospital. Olcay, who applied for transfer to Ege University Hospital, was found in a short period of 5 months, from a cadaver.
Saying that he is happy to hold onto life, Cafer Olcay said, “Now I will be able to travel without getting tired. Often I won't leave early in the morning to go on dialysis. "I caught the happiness of living as a healthy person again."
Expressing his great pleasure that his son will regain his health, father Osan Olcay said, “They gave life to my son. "We will visit the donor family and receive halalness right after my son gets up."




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