Train Crash as a Massacre (Photo Gallery)

📩 30/11/2018 11:55

Train Accident Like Massacre: 10 people lost their lives in the service vehicle under the train in the Mediterranean district of Mersin. 2 people were injured, 4 of them seriously. An eyewitness claimed that after the accident the barrier officer said, "Alas, brother, what did I do?" After the accident, the question of why the roads that would carry the Organized Industrial Zone traffic without interfering with the railway traffic were not built once again came to the agenda.
The service vehicle carrying the workers of a factory in the Organized Industrial Zone in the Mediterranean district of Mersin was below the train. 07.00 was killed and 10 was heavily wounded by 2. Following the accident, the question of why OSB traffic was not carried out for years without interfering with urban highway and railway traffic came up again. On the other hand, the car carrying the workers in the town of Niğde Kemerhisar collided with the car in the car 4 people killed, 3 people injured in the service vehicle.
10 has received the problem of leveling and signaling system which cannot be solved for years at the intersection of Organized Industrial Zone intersection with Mersin-Adana railway line.
Hüseyin E. and Mehmet E. the passenger trains in the Adana-Mersin flight, located in the central Mediterranean town of Mersin-Tarsus between the Tashkent stop, Tarsus-Mersin Organized Industrial Zone in a factory carrying service workers hit a service van.
In the accident, the passengers Mine Sertas, Onur Atli, Harun Kaya, Sinan Ozpolat, Ayhan Akkoc, Kenan Erdinc, Cavit Yilmaz, Mehmet Akcam, Önal Acar accident site, Mustafa Doygun died in the Faculty of Medicine, Mersin University. The driver of the minibus Rahmi Kaya, Servet Çelik in the minibus and Uğur Ateş and Halil Demir were injured in the train. It is reported that the health of the minibus driver Kaya remains serious.
Many ambulances and rescue teams were shipped to the region. Riot teams took measures at the crash site. In the meantime, the service vehicle was divided into two by accident. When the investigation was started, the mechanics of the passenger train from 62 bin 28, which went to Adana from Mersin, were taken into custody for Hüseyin E. and Mehmet E.
Injuries were being treated in various hospitals in the city and relatives of those who lost their lives came to the scene of the accident. Relatives of the deceased claimed that the barrier at the level gate was not closed at the time of the train passing.
'Alas what have I done'
The public prosecutor at the scene of the incident, the witnesses applied to the statements of witnesses. An eyewitness claimed that after the accident, the barrier officer said, "Oh, brother, what did I do?" Police and TCDD officials also made the inspection of the barriers that were open during the passage of the train.
Following the work of the crime scene investigation teams, funerals, ambulance and funeral transport vehicles for autopsy Mersin University Medical Faculty Hospital morgue was taken. With the lifting of the van from the railway by crane, level crossing was again opened for transportation.
In the meantime, the General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) said in a statement, the administrative and judicial investigation is continuing, despite the guardian of the van uncontrolled in front of the train was expressed. The accident was not informed about why the barrier is not closed, the boiler, "Bagcilar crossing the passage, the gate guard was closed by the barrier when entering the gate 33 M 1104 plate as a result of the passenger train in front of the result" were recorded.
Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, and Hasan Hüseyin Bahar, the Provincial Police Director of the Metropolitan Municipality, expressed their condolences to the families and relatives of those who lost their lives.
Road problem could not be solved for years
10 once again raised the question of why the accident, OSB traffic, urban road and railway traffic were not carried out for years. In the current conditions, trucks, trucks, special vehicles and service vehicles entering the OSB are using the D-400 Highway connecting Mersin-Adana. In order to be able to enter the OIZ, vehicles traveling on this route return to the north direction and enter the OIZ using the level crossing in the Adana-Mersin railway line.
OSB officials expressed that they draw attention to this problem with the statements they made in the last years. Authorities, who noted that they had applied to the Metropolitan Municipality for the opening of another road from the Mersin Hal Complex to the Tarsus Hal Complex, demanding that the OIZ traffic be interfaced with the urban road and rail traffic without contacting the urban road and rail traffic. they stated that they were inconclusive.
The day before the accident came up
On the other hand, it is learned that the traffic problem experienced by OSB, AKP Mayor candidate Mustafa Sever, came to the agenda during his visit to the region the day before the accident. During the visit, OSB users warned that accidents could occur if connection roads were not resolved, and that AKP candidate Sever promised to forward the matter to the Ministry of Transport and TCDD officials.
United Transport Workers Union (BTS) said in a statement that the incident is not an accident, the murder was emphasized. The statement, restructuring under the name of the privatization work, fatal accidents were recorded invitations were recorded. It is stated that the Mersin-Adana railway line where the accident is 68 kilometers and there is a total level of 31 level crossing on this line.
A bitter news came from Nigde
Kemerhisar town of Nigde, İçmeler position at the junction Mustafa Güloğlu'nun (32) uses a service van belonging to the Highways Umit Aktas (23) collided with the car. Aktaş (23) Bor State Hospital, Azize Demircan (23) and Sema Kurga, who were in the same vehicle, died at the scene. Oktay Bilen (26), Tezcan Aksoy (35), Omer Guven (60), Hasan Erdem, Hakan Aksoy (39), Huseyin Ozturk and Yakup Ilgin (34) were injured in the same vehicle with the service driver Mustafa Guloglu. The wounded, ambulances in Nigde and Bor State hospitals.


  1. Of course, firstly condolences to the painful individuals, we must ask for mercy to those who died.
    What makes me think and understand, why, in such an event, the relevant and / or unrelated institution immediately makes an explanation of the act? In fact, such behavior in advanced societies, defense position in panic, immediately means the taking of the crime. What should be said; to express the great sorrow, wishes, the research is still going on, the results of the research will be announced and the expert reports will be announced and to prevent the occurrence of such an event, the cause of the determination, the requirements will be done immediately.
    Arif, wise and wise members of society do it!
    Sorry for your loss.

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