Carbon 21 will be the biggest problem of the century.

Carbon 21 will be the biggest problem of the century: Experts point out that the fact that natural resources are not distributed evenly in the world will raise a serious ciddi resource war Karbon and that geopolitical concerns are increasing especially in big countries. The Scientific Committee Co-Chairman of the Istanbul Carbon Summit, held between April and April, 3-5. Dr. Volkan Ş. Ediger:
Kullanmak The only resort there is that they also use environmentally friendly resources. In addition, resources need to be consumed more environmentally friendly with energy technologies gerekiyor Prof.Dr. Özden Görücü: UM The most active carbon enemies are forests. The carbon value of the hectares of forests is around 5000 dollars.
The fact that the ”resource war” has been increasing in today's world due to the fact that natural resources are not distributed evenly in the world, while the geopolitical concerns are increasing, 21. It was noted that the most effective enemy of carbon, considered to be the biggest problem of the 20th century, was forests.
Carbon Summit held in Istanbul for the first time in Turkey 3-5 April, academicians from various countries, will be held with the participation of private sector representatives of public institutions and officials.
Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Istanbul Carbon Summit Dr. Volkan Ş. Ediger (Kadir Has University) and Prof.Dr. Dr. Özden Görücü (Sütçü İmam University) made statements before the summit where important topics such as carbon trade and management will be discussed.
Volkan Ş. Stated that the support of the Ministries of Energy, Natural Resources, Economy, Environment and Urbanism, Science, Industry and Technology and Forestry and Water Affairs to the Istanbul Carbon Summit, organized by the Sustainable Production and Consumption Association, known as SÜT-D, is extremely gratifying. Ediger, EPDK and CMB regulatory boards, and a large number of non-governmental organizations are among the supporters noted.
Kel We will be pleased that the summit contributes to the further establishment of the concept of sustainability, which means 'social interests rather than individual interests' and 'the future of the present day', plan said Ediger, making the Istanbul Carbon Summit a tradition since the coming years. especially at international level.
Ediger, 21. century, the biggest problem facing humanity will be the carbon by reporting, in the last years in the world underlined that the resources were taken into account. Ediger, continued:
Adır Although it is estimated that 2012 and 50 have an annual life span with the assumption that the production and reserves of 100 remain stable, while the coal has an XNUMX annual life span, it is clear that our resources cannot adequately respond to the increasing demand for energy, which is increasing in a geometrical sequence. The fact that such resources are not evenly distributed across the world also raises a serious 'resource war', and in particular, geopolitical concerns are increasingly increasing in large countries.
Emphasizing that fossil fuel based energy systems have greenhouse gas and solid emissions, Volkan Ş. Ediger noted that this situation has changed the ecosystem by causing climate change and the only way to cope with these problems is to use environmentally friendly resources and to consume existing resources with clean energy technologies in a more environmentally conscious manner.
- Mission to every country -
In addition to being a global issue, Ediger stated that countries should cope with local problems. Iger To do this, countries should evaluate their situation very well and implement their action plans with determination. To achieve this, countries need to identify the threats and opportunities of climate change by focusing on scientific studies specific to their geography. Bun
Sütçü İmam University Faculty Member Dr. The essence Görücü, Carbon Summit will be held for the first time in Turkey, carbon trading, management and creation of awareness in terms of macro-economic parameters to be developed under the green economy of the technology by expressing it is extremely significant in terms of, "This is our scope in the country and the presence of green economy The positive reflections of the sharing of scientific knowledge with the capacity of institutional power, knowledge and experience at national and international level will be realized at the summit ve and emphasized the importance of the summit.
-The biggest enemy of carbon emission forests
Emphasizing that the most important carbon sinks are forests, Görücü underlined that forest organizations should be remembered as the most important stakeholders in the formation of carbon management, carbon trading and carbon exchanges.
Özden Görücü said that the participation and contribution of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs to the Istanbul Carbon Summit to be held at 3-5 April 2014 is extremely important in terms of content and functioning of the summit. and that there are important ecosystems and hopes that awareness will increase with the summit.
In our country since the 1937 with great success and a strong organizational structure of the technical forestry studies and good practices that could be exemplary to the world said Prof. Prof.. Dr. Özden Görücü said, lard It is one of the most important results obtained from scientific studies that the natural red pine forest of 1 hectares in our country has linked 120 tons of carbon and transformed it into wood raw materials through photosynthesis. From this, it is calculated that the carbon value of the forest in the hectare is around 5.000 dollars söz and emphasized the importance of forests in combating carbon.

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