Ankara skips the era of transportation

Ankara is skipping the era of transportation: underpasses, bridges, junctions, roads and metro lines are changing the face of Ankara.
The capital is entering a new process in the transport network. Ankara transportation is becoming more and more breathing day by day.
Yes, Ankara is built with the metro network ile Sincan-
After Batıkent, Kızılay Çayyolu line was reached.
The next stop will be Kızılay-Keçiören, which will be opened by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan this week.

The total length of the Çayyolu metro is 16,6 kilometers. Kizilay, Necatibey, National Library, Sogutozu, MTA, METU, Bilkent, Village Services, Beytepe, Ümitköy, Çayyolu 1 and Çayyolu 2 with a total of 12 stall line, will provide transportation to the people of the region.
With the introduction of the line, the traffic density in Eskişehir Highway will decrease.
The subway 2, also known as the Çayyolu subway, will connect the Kızılay and Çayyolu neighborhoods.
Launched in 2001, Çayyolu-Kızılay is Ankara's 3-based metro.
Kızılay-Çayyolu metro line building and construction work is completed in three stages. The building and construction works were first carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara, and the remaining works were completed by the Ministry of Transport.
This completed metro line was handed over to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Ankaran will meet a new service this week.

A note about the week should drop.
As a matter of fact, due to the local elections, the parties and the candidates are working intensively on the 30 March.
Candidates explain their projects one by one. AK Party Cankaya Candidate Peace Aydin, 123 project was presented in a grand ceremony. I would like to see the projects that can be called imagination for Çankaya. Those who live in Çankaya have the right to meet with these beauties and services. CHP candidate Alper Taşdelen has said the last word about Çankaya during his visit to ANGİAD. The press office of ANGİAD visited the media.
Taşdelen'in the bulletin 'My wife and my children can not walk in the streets of Çankaya' sentence CHP Çankaya Municipality is sufficient to show the service bar. AK Party Baris Aydın in Çankaya, Alper Taşdelen with CHP and Bekir Ödemiş with DSP are the beginning of the race.
The decision of the electorate. CHP selection in Çankaya sees partridge in the bag. He treats your voter like flock. DSP is fighting for honor. Bekir Ödemiş's heartbreaking and angry emiş He's counting on the voter. He's right. Baris Aydin, 'Let the change' with the slogan is walking.
Describes himself and his projects. Cankaya is ready to manage with the Çankayalılarla shows. Çankayalı voters 'in the bag is not partridge' li Having an intellectual profile of voters, Cankaya will replace his negligence and fortune with Barış Aydın.
This will your wish dil Wish you a week full of health and happiness.

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